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Same Kind of Different as Me: Coming Soon

This world has become an ugly place. Everyone is fighting. Everyone has something negative to say. Folks are complaining and worrying about issues that don't directly relate to or affect them. It's hard to look at social media or the news to find anything positive or...

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Identifying my Kids’ Strengths

There's this sort-of joke that I relay to friends or folks who know and witness my kids dealing with one another. I talk about the roles my kids would play if they owned a business together. These four kids fight with and scream at and love on and cheer each other...

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Jeremy Camp’s “The Answer”

Music is often what guides me. Day to day, a song will pop into my head, and I'll sing it either to myself or aloud to my family. Many times, the songs that enter my mind don't make much sense. I'll try to think back to the day's events to determine where and when the...

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Matt Redman: Glory Song

When I'm driving, especially alone, I find myself thinking and reflecting. Often these reflections take the shape of a prayer or conversation. Because I'm rarely in silence without also working, time in the car has begun to really be a special opportunity for me (one...

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You know how you'll pack a lunch for work or school, and you think you've done a really good job of keeping all the "stuff" wrapped up or sealed only to discover that the bag you took is soaked in soup or dressing or pasta sauce? This doesn't happen a ton, but when it...

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Better Late than Never

September 5th is Be Late for Something Day. What better way to celebrate than to wait 8 days to write a poetry all about being late? This month, our blogging friends poetry theme is all about being late. This isn't too hard for me to think about. I'm rarely actually...

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DIY Harvest Door

When we moved and Mom & Dad moved in to our old house, they chose to eliminate some of the big doors that separated bedrooms. This way, they could have a nice entry way to a den and then change out a closet door. What that meant was that there were extra doors in...

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Enjoy the Carolina Renaissance Festival

Years ago, one of my favorite fall traditions was to attend the Carolina Renaissance Festival in Huntersville, NC. I went with my friend, Jennifer, and we got henna tattoos and whooped and hollered at the knights and laughed at the ridiculous shows and perfectly...

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4 Tips for Dog Owners: How to Get Rid of Pet Hair

If the never-ending battle with dog hair is starting to make you despair, don’t give up yet! There are plenty of things you can do to reduce the amount of hair in your home. Here are four tips for managing hair that don’t require expensive cleaning products. 1. Clean...

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