Personalized Letter for Baby – DIY!

Personalized Letter for Baby – DIY!

I really like babies. I do. I love making stuff for them, too. When my BFF, Heather, had her son, I jumped at the chance to make him some blocks with his name on them. You can read about how I did that here: Easy but Adorable Baby Shower Gift.

Then, my friend (and former student-teacher) had a baby followed by one of my loves from that 502 class I told you about. Then, my friend, Katie, had her sweet little girl. So, it was baby crazy in my craft area (which is really just the dining room table, but I like to pretend it’s an actual place), and I loved it.

For the three who had babies so close together, I decided to make them a personalized letter.

I knew that Matthew had his room decorated in monkeys, Brooklynn’s mama was all about girly stuff, and Macie’s mama already had two boys and was excited about bringing some extra estrogen in the house.

Let me show you how I made them, and then I’ll show you what each looked like in the end.

  • First, I outlined the letter that I was going to cover on the BACK of a piece of scrapbooking paper. I also did the letter backwards on purpose. This way, it all matched up in the end. Make sure to keep your pencil as close to the edge of the letter as possible. TIP: I used scissors when I cut it out. It was tedious, but the straight-edge razor I was using hated me.
  • I painted the edges of the letter. For Brooklynn’s, I used white to contrast the paper I’d chosen. For Macie’s, I used pink. I left Matthew’s alone because I thought it looked really cute with the natural wood color.
  • When I made sure that the letter edges on the paper matched up to the letter edges on the wooden letter, I used Modpodge to glue it down.
  • Then, I painted the small letters for their names. I chose colors that contrasted against the paper.
  • I glued down each letter.
  • For each of the babies, I chose a wooden figure: Brooklynn, a butterfly; Macie, a flower; Matthew, a monkey.
  • Once everything was on, I Modpodged over the paper and letters to get the same sheen all the way across.

Here’s Matthew’s:



Here’s Macie’s:


Here’s Brooklynn’s:


Easy! Will you be making one of these for a special someone?

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