PillowEase Support Seat Cushion (Review)

PillowEase Support Seat Cushion (Review)

After four kids, my body has taken quite the beating. I have been complaining to Math Man lately that my tailbone hurts so much after I sit down for extended periods.

The nature of my job(s) has me sitting for long times (when I’m not chasing kids). I have to work at the computer to grade essays, create graphics, facilitate professional development, and more.

Last Christmas, Math Man gave me a new computer chair in hopes that I would have fewer back problems. He wasn’t banking on my coccyx giving me trouble a year later.

I was lucky enough to receive a support seat cushion from PillowEase to review.

This cushion is almost like having a donut but without the embarrassing donut. When I sit, my tailbone is supported by a “hump” in the pad. The memory foam works with my shape to ensure the best cushion. It also guarantees that the pad won’t wear out over time especially considering how long I spend in my chair.

The PillowEase support seat cushion comes with a velour, zipper plush cover for easy cleaning. It’s machine washable (thank goodness) and allows me to use it without slipping around on the pad itself.

Watch my video review here:

Go check out the PillowEase support seat cushion on Amazon. And be sure to tell me below how or why you need support!

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