Quest Bars: 100% Natural and Tasty!

Quest Bars: 100% Natural and Tasty!

questbarI was delighted to find a box of Quest Bars on my front stoop. I’m always interested in trying new items, and Aaron is always willing to help me. He lucked out this time with the Quest Bars. Quest Bars are 100% all natural and are chock full of protein. This is perfect for my husband who lifts heavy on a daily basis and needs to replenish the calories he burns while working out.

Here’s the kicker – Quest Bars have

  • No Added Sugar
  • No Artificial Sweeteners
  • No Soy Protein
  • No Glycerine
  • No Junk Ingredients and are
  • Gluten free!

That’s pretty amazing and fits right into the new goals I have for my family this year: to eat healthier and cleaner.

But do they taste good?

They do! In addition to some bars, we received a box of their peanut butter cups. I took one bite and, although I had to remind myself they were full of protein, they tasted pretty awesome (they’re thick – be ready to have a glass of milk by your side!).

The Quest Bars come in many flavors ranging from Strawberry Cheesecake to Lemon Cream Pie. I haven’t had but a few bites of any of them because Aaron has highjacked them (and the Animal often gets a treat while sitting in Daddy’s lap).

Courtesy of Quest Nutrition
Courtesy of Quest Nutrition

Quest Bars are high in fiber, have 1-3 g of active carbs, and 20 g of protein. Wow!

Courtesy of Quest Nutrition
Courtesy of Quest Nutrition

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