Reasons why I'm happy to wait…

Having a baby has so many awesome elements to it. One of the exciting parts is the waiting at the end. When will it happen? How will I know? Unless you’re scheduled for a C-Section or an induction, it’s literally up to the baby and nature as to when it will occur. So, as I sit here 2 days away from my due date feeling like an overstuffed Buddha (and only moderately frustrated because I, the planner, don’t know the answers to my questions), I thought I’d make a list of the reasons I’m actually very happy that baby has decided to wait a bit longer:

1. He’s warm, safe, and healthy in there (that’s the most important).
2. I still have a reason to make Aaron do stuff for me.
3. I’m getting a lot of computer work stuff done.
4. I can eat and eat and no one judges.
5. Ice cream is very good and counts as a snack – at any time of the day.
6. People like to talk to me, and I LOVE talking to people.
7. I get to play Tetris on Facebook over and over and over without too much guilt.
8. I get to choose dinner and restaurants if we go.
9. My dogs are very happy I’m home.
10. I’m bonding with the cat who actually rubbed against MY leg for once.
11. I can sit here quietly listening to the rain and the birds.
12. I can chat on the phone with my mom or MIL without interruption.
13. It gives me a chance to help my big brother with a project he’s doing.
14. I can figure out insurance stuff and make sure we’re all covered before he arrives.
15. I don’t have any scary too-early procedures causing him or me to be in the hospital for crazy amounts of time.
16. I can take a shower and sit around for a long time without fixing my hair.
17. I can blog for approximately 50 minutes (while doing lots of other stuff) and not have wasted time.

So there you go. I came up with 17 good reasons why I’m happy baby isn’t here yet. I’m trying my darndest to be patient and let it go. Once upon a time, my mantra was, “I can’t control it, so why try?” I’m trying to repeat that to myself as I sit here feeling every little twinge and kick and pain and roll.

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