Relax, my Foot (a Poem)

Relax, my Foot (a Poem)

Just this week, my friends and I were discussing the need to relax. We laughed and laughed about the last time we truly relaxed and felt relaxed. For me, this is hard to pinpoint.

About four years ago, before Baby Diva was even a full-fledged plan, Math Man and I made a quick two night trip to the Isle of Palms area. At one point, we sat on the beach in silence. We just sat shoulder to shoulder and stared at the waves. I turned to him and said, “Want to go eat?” He shook his head and said, “Not yet,” and we remained in silence.

We slept in. We ate when we wanted. We went to the beach and sat. It was pure relaxation — except when I had to pull up the computer and do a little online work because it. never. ends.

So yes, my friends and I just laughed and laughed at the idea of true relaxation after having children. I know some day it will be here, but until then…

Relax, my Foot

What is this relaxing
all maxing, all cool?

Reality – let me remind you –
includes work and kids and cats and dogs
no relaxation.

Even when relaxation seems
at arms length
the thousand tabs open in my
head keep me thinking
in my sleep
while I Netflix
as I drive.

Relax, my foot.
No, seriously, please
give me a massage.

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