Repurposing Wedding Petals

Repurposing Wedding Petals

Aaron and I were married almost six years ago. The ceremony itself was absolutely gorgeous, and I was delighted by the colors I chose.

Miss Sassy Pants was our adorable flower girl. She dropped the normal flower petals as she walked down the aisle with my nephew. My amazing ushers were diligent about picking up each of the petals for me so I would have them for nostalgia’s sake. And I appreciated that. I put those petals up on a shelf in their plastic box, and there they sat — for almost 6 years.

I decided I needed to do something with them. I didn’t want to throw them away, but I couldn’t stand having them just sitting in that plastic box on the shelf.

What better way to remember our wedding than by repurposing wedding petals that were just sitting and doing nothing?


To put them back together, I had to decide between glue and sewing. I’m not amazing with a needle and thread, but it made more sense to me to not potentially burn myself. I was able to pretty easily get the petals back together. Alternating between the pink and the sheer, I made three layers so it would really look like a flower. I think it turned out pretty great.


Then, I added a pearl that was already sticky on the back. I think it added just the right flair to the petal.

Because I’ve made all of these little flowers, I needed to figure out what to do with them. I asked Miss Sassy Pants if she’d like some for her room, and her response was an adamant, “YES!” She requested that I make her a wreath.

I already have a wreath in mind for Baby Diva – hers will be more of a tutu wreath to match her room – but Miss Sassy Pants isn’t really in to that fru-fru stuff these days. So, I opted to make her a wreath using the black and pink of our wedding with a couple of the flowers I created.

This is my first attempt at making a wreath using yarn. I’m not sure that I did it correctly as I didn’t really do much beyond remember seeing a pin on Pinterest using yarn. So, it’s ok, but I’m guessing that there were some tricks I didn’t catch.

That said, I like the way it looks with the flowers on it!


Next, I plan to work on Baby Diva’s tutu wreath and something special for Aaron and me. I don’t figure the boys will really want flowers on something in their room, so it’s time to think of a way to put something from our wedding together for them.

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10 thoughts on “Repurposing Wedding Petals”

  1. I love love love this idea! I know that I have so much “stuff” left over from our May wedding that I want to use, but have no clue what to do. I love this idea, and I love what you did with the yarn! I’m going to have to go see what I can come up with. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. What a sweet and perfect way to repurpose those petals! Absolutely love how the color of the petals pop against the wreaths’ sedated colors ☺

    1. Thank you! They worked out really well. The wreath looks like it has white on the bottom, but it’s actually light pink. That’s what I get for taking pictures in the kitchen at night. 🙂

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