Santa Cruz Organic Agua Fresca (Review)

Santa Cruz Organic Agua Fresca (Review)

My kids love juice. When I offer them the choice of  milk, water, or juice, the answer is generally, “Juice!” They are becoming apple juice aficionados.

I try my best to find the best juices for my kids to drink. If they’re going to choose juice instead of water, I try to make sure that it isn’t loaded with sugar or other random ingredients.

When I received the Santa Cruz Organic Agua Fresca box, my kids were pumped about which juice they were going to try first.

I let Sassy Pants make the first choice: she was excited about the Lemonade.

lemonade SCO

Each of the older kids got a cup, and Sassy Pants filled them halfway. I was proud as I watched them slowly sip from their cups to really take a moment and decide that they liked the taste. They did!

Next, they chose to try the Mango Passionfruit. I’m not at all partial to mango (when I lived in Costa Rica, I had some bad experiences with the fruit), but the kids really liked the mix of mango and passionfruit. I went ahead and tried it myself: it’s good! Sassy Pants did say that the smell and the taste didn’t match. Based on the smell, she was pretty sure she would not like the taste. She was happily surprised.

mango passion SCO

Finally, we tried the Pomegranate. Flash tried to take it from me as fast as I took it out of the fridge. This was his favorite, hands down. I’ll admit, it was my favorite, too. In fact, I may be guilty of finishing it off and telling the kids that they finished it. I’d buy this flavor again, for sure.

pomegranite SCO

I love that Santa Cruz Organics are non-GMO project verified and are, clearly, organic.

We also had the pleasure of trying out the organic applesauce. We were headed to the pool, and these were the perfect addition to our pool-side dinner. Flash was extremely excited to try them out when we took our pool break. All 4 kids, Diva included, were able to eat and enjoy.

applesauce SCO

I’m super excited to know that I have found an organic drink that my kids will actually like. It’s about time we branched out beyond apple juice.

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  1. I would love to try the lemonade! It is so hard to find organic juices for the kids. Can you bjy in stores or purchase online?

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