Secretly Wishing for a Tutu

It’s Thursday, so that means it’s time for another link up with Mama Kat. I chose this prompt today:

1.) What do your kids have that you always wanted when you were a kid?

Dance Recital
Miss Sassy Pants 2010

Miss Sassy Pants has been taking dance since she was three. In my memory, all I ever wanted was to take gymnastics like my big sister. Mom promised me that when I turned 10, I could start gymnastics. Never happened. I still harbor resentment. Ask mom.

Somewhere around 8th grade, after my best friend Erin had taught me some steps, my other best friend, Candace, and I started taking clogging. Now, before you get all judgmental and suggest that clogging is only for country songs and hoedowns, let me explain. In the area of Texas where I lived, clogging was cool. Super cool. And in the early ’90s, we were dancing to Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, and “The Twilight Zone.” Again, cool.

But I stopped dancing right before my junior year of high school because I got too busy. I wish I hadn’t.

I try my best to not live too vicariously through Miss Sassy Pants. Thank goodness she actually loves dancing and says it is her “passion.” In fact, we spent almost an hour today choreographing dances to Juice Newton’s “Queen of Hearts” and Wham!’s “Wake me Up” (do I have taste or what?). I’m happy she has the chance to do something she loves. Even if I’m secretly wishing I was the one in the tutu.

What do your kids have that you wish you had when you were their age? I want to know!

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