Simply Aroma's Immerse: You Must Have This

Simply Aroma's Immerse: You Must Have This

I am an Independent Consultant for Simply Aroma. Links in this post are affiliate links.

It has been almost a year since I joined Simply Aroma. Each month (heck – sometimes each week) things just get better and better. This week, the launch of Simply Aroma’s new carrier blend, Immerse, is rocking my essential oils world.

Immerse is a blend of five oils: Grape Seed, Jojoba Seed, Vitamin E, Fractionated Coconut Oil, and Camellia Seed. It can be used on its own or as a carrier for essential oils. Currently, I use it as a facial moisturizer after washing my face. I have really oily skin, and this is the first product I have found that moisturizes my skin without making it extra oily.

You can see me talk about it in this video here:

Independent Consultant Lydia Richmond immerse* Testimony from Simply Aroma on Vimeo.

Honestly, I really love Immerse. I use it for myself and for my kids. I love that it doesn’t leave any oily film or greasiness on any of us. When the Animal had his bug bites the other day, I wasn’t worried about using Immerse and needing to let it dry. It really does fit the bill for everyone in the house.

Right now (until midnight CST on September 24), you can order Immerse for $34 and get it with FREE SHIPPING. Order here: (choose Immerse in the shopping cart).

And for the remainder of the month of September 2014, any commissions I make will go toward a young man named Ryan. Ryan just turned 25, survived Ewing’s Sarcoma TWICE, and had to quit his job to stay with his mother, Wendy, who is in Stage IV Liver Cancer. I want to help Ryan not worry about being with his mom, so I’m giving all my commissions this month to him. Please consider helping him either by ordering Immerse or essential oils through my site or by sending money directly to him here: Help Ryan

Immerse Carrier

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2 thoughts on “Simply Aroma's Immerse: You Must Have This”

  1. That oil blend sounds lovely! Have you ever tried oil cleansing? It’s great for oily skin and reduces your need for moisturizer. I’ve been doing it for like 2 years, and I’ll never go back!

    If you wanted to try it, all you need to do is add a little bit of castor oil to your oil blend and then add whatever essential oils you like for your face.

    Just a thought!

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