Skinit: Custom Cases & Skins

Skinit: Custom Cases & Skins

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When you’ve spent good money on your cell phone — I have the iPhone 6 — you definitely want to keep it protected. But when I look for a protective case, I also want it to be pretty.

Yes, I said that I want a pretty phone case. And by pretty, that means that when I look at it, I feel proud or happy or simply stylish.

Skinit Custom Cases & Skins allows you to make a choice to either purchase a preselected design or create your own. I’ve had the chance to try both.

First, I chose to go with something neutral. I am not much on flowers or sayings. I want to make sure that whatever I carry around keeps me looking professional.

My first case from Skinit was called Wooden Stripes.

wood case 2

The case itself is durable and slim. It didn’t add much of any sort of bulk to my phone. I have dropped it multiple times, and the edging on the front keeps it from hitting the floor and shattering. There are defined openings for my headphone plug, my charger, the speakers, and my camera. My volume and power buttons are easily accessible through the cutouts on the side.

wood case 1

I also tried my hand at designing my own case. Because I like my branding for the ol’ blog here, I chose to go with my simple logo.

Uploading was easy, and I justĀ  needed to make sure I sized everything correctly.

Word of caution: make certain you double check your design before ordering. I checked the box that said I had proofed everything, but I missed that my white background didn’t go the entire span of my phone. It’s not very noticeable when I am looking quickly, but there is a slight difference in color between my design’s background and the white of the phone case.

CG case

The designed case is a Waterproof case. What makes it different (and waterproof) is that it is literally only one piece. If you’re wanting to be able to get to all your buttons easily, this would not be the case for you. But if you’re like me and have drooling babies and toddlers who want to use your phone, this case would be very helpful in protecting. Likewise, if you are an athlete or spend a lot of time in the outdoors where your phone may land in water, a puddle, the river, etc., I highly recommend this safe case.

Skinit is the place to go for buying your case or skin. There are tons of amazing options for you that are already created. I was seriously tempted by the chance to put my family’s pictures on my case, but I resisted the urge.

Click on the image below to follow through to Skinit. Enjoy!

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