Thankful: Date Night

Thankful: Date Night

Baby Diva will be 7 months old in one week. That will mean that it will have been longer than 7 months since Math Man and I have been alone for more than just sleeping in our bed — and even then, we aren’t really alone as the monitors that surround us allow us to hear the sounds of our children in various areas of the house.

I think our last “date” was for our anniversary at the beginning of April. Baby Diva was born at the end of April. It has been a long time since we were just us.

This morning as we laid in bed with Baby Diva crawling all over us — she woke up super early, and we were still blurry-eyed from the Animal appearing in the middle of the night — I reached over and touched my husband’s face and said, “I miss you.”

Silly thing to say, right? I mean, I see him every day. I’m lucky he’s here with me every day while some women have their husbands gone on business trips or military deployments.

But while raising four kids and working, we find little time to just be us.

Tonight, we planned to have a date night at home. We swore we were going to get the kids in bed on time. But now, Flash has pulled his typical 2 year old behavior, and he’s finding every reason he can to stay awake. I think, as I type this, he’s telling his dad that he needs to go potty.

We work hard to find time to ourselves. And while this post doesn’t sound very thankful, it is. I’m so very thankful of any and every date night we ever get. And I hope that as the years continue and our children allow us to go on dates again that we remember what it was like when we weren’t able to be alone. I hope that Math Man and I will find a way to truly revel in every moment we have together.

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