The Waiting Game

The Waiting Game

FACT: I don’t like not having a plan. It’s probably something my friends and family abhor about me. As I’ve grown older, I’ve learned to (sort of) control my anxiety about not knowing what comes next. But that doesn’t keep me from having multiple calendars (Sitting here at my desk, I count 4. There are at least 3 more in the house that are mine.) nor does it keep me from almost hyperventilating when I know an event is coming but don’t know details.

Case in point: The impending birth of baby #4. I am due on May 4. I type this on April 15. There is still so much time for this baby to arrive. Today, at my doctor’s appointment, Dr. S. asked, “Do you have any questions?” I’d been prepared for over a week for this. “Yes,” I said, “When can we make a plan for having this baby?”

Probably, she hears this daily. She calmly responded with, “Not until 39 weeks. And even then, we don’t really need a plan.”

I knew that’s what she was going to say. I hoped for otherwise. And now, it’s the waiting game.

The Waiting GameSee, with this baby, there are no “medical reasons” to do anything. Flash had the SUA “problem,” so they were more inclined to help him come along once they knew he was engaged. Since so little is truly known about SUA and what it can mean for each child who has it, they were okay with him coming whenever he was able to come. So, he was 3 days early with some assistance from the doctor.

The Animal? He was 6 days late but came with a teeny bit of help from the doctor. And Miss Sassy Pants – the first – was 4 days late. Came naturally on her own. With a vengeance.

I guess I was spoiled with Flash. They were talking induction and sweeps and C-sections around week 37. We started making plans.

This baby? “We’ll just wait.”

And I know that’s what I need to do. My advice to other expectant moms is always, “Don’t worry. Your baby isn’t going to college in utero.”

It’s hard to know a piece of wisdom in your brain but not be able to listen to it.

So for now, I guess I just need a plan. Here goes:

I plan to work my face off as much as I can in the next few weeks until she arrives. That way, I have less to do when she gets here.

How long did your kids make you wait? Did you have a plan? Or were you able to sit back and relax?

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4 thoughts on “The Waiting Game”

  1. My babies never made me wait. I tried to make them wait. No one was happy! I’m super glad (even though I know you are sick of being pregnant) that you have a Waity-baby!

  2. I think I’ve told you before: mine were 10, 12, and 8 days late. I was pretty anxious to meet them by the time they arrived. Frances being late was the worst, though, since she was my first one. With the boys, I actually expected them to be late so it wasn’t as bad. There does come a point, though, that you just want to stop being pregnant!!

  3. Well, full moon is May 3, so you may be waiting until then, and 30 min. labor–but I really am clueless on most of this.

  4. She will be here SOON, if she isn’t already here. Weewee was special. My body tried for labor starting at 6 weeks. I was on bed rest the entire time. We kept having goals. First 12 weeks, then 16, then 18 weeks, 20, 24, etc. Our main goals were 30 weeks and/or her to be 5 lbs. We constantly thought she’d come at any moment, but she didn’t. I was ready for her arrival at any minute. Then on June 27th, I woke up early to get ready for my appointment with our specialist. After my shower, there was blood. I was convinced something was wrong. We rushed to the hospital. I was in panic mode. Then I was told. Oh you’re just in labor. Wait. What?! How did that happen? I wasn’t ready. I had thought I was ready. Nope. Much to our surprise and glee, I made it to nearly 35 weeks.
    Congratulations on the newest genius!

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