Tips for Diaper Changing

Tips for Diaper Changing

Image courtesy  imagerymajestic/
Image courtesy imagerymajestic/

Whether you’re a first time parent or one who has multiple children, we know one thing is going to stay the same: you have to change diapers.

In the course of a child’s first few years, it is estimated that he will go through 8,000 diaper changes. That’s a lot of diapers! And that means tons of moments on the changing table to wrestle with a less-than-still baby or toddler.

What can you do to make the diaper change less stressful for both parent and baby?

Erin Carroll (@blueeyedbride) and Nina Helleny (@accordingtonina) have some awesome tips for making these important diaper changes easier.

I know that with two little ones still in diapers, I have to have different techniques. The Animal (2) basically understands what’s going on when we go for a change. But, he fights me to stay still. Sometimes, I have to chase him around the house to get him onto the changing table. When we finally get there, it’s the matter of keeping his attention so I can finish my job. Usually, we end up singing a song or counting (his favorite thing to do).

Flash (4.5 months) is a different story. Right now, he’s so excited that he’s learned how to roll from his back to his stomach that I just have to find a way to keep him engaged enough to stay on his back. So, I do a lot of talking and cooing at him right now. He’s a smiley fella, and that — right now — is the best way to keep him still.

What tips do you have for making diaper changes easier? Share!

Disclaimer: I was provided a link to the video for the purposes of this post. There was no compensation, and all opinions are my own.

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4 thoughts on “Tips for Diaper Changing”

  1. I need to make the baby corsage tonight for a shower tomorrow. I LOVE the Baby Shower Corsage. did you place the instructions on your sight somewhere or Pinterest? Maybe I missed it. I hope you will share with me. I want to go at lunch time to purchase the materials. Thanks

    1. I didn’t do a how-to because I didn’t think to make one while I was creating!! Really, I just made the bottom bow based on some images I saw on Pinterest/the Internet, and then I fashioned the pacifiers on. I know that is not much help. I hope you found success!

  2. Thank you SOOO MUCH. I used your patter and it turned out BEAUTIFUL. Thank you. I wanted to attach the pacifiers using the paci holders, but didn’t see any I liked so I did the ribbon thing. Except I found a pin-on/hair clip flower in that blue instead of the ribbon on the back, so the mother could have something afterwards as well. I did the other ribbons as you did, and lightly tacked them on with a small dollop of hot glue because there is a “bling” center on the flower. But the mother to be will be able to pull that whole thing off the top without losing the stones/bling. The lady doing the shower that asked me to make it just LOVED IT. the flower having the pin (and clip for the hair) also makes it easy to pin on.

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