I: Inch by Inch (Tips for Getting Healthy)

I: Inch by Inch (Tips for Getting Healthy)

Ever since having Baby Diva, I have been struggling with being healthy. Not only am I frustrated with my inability to lose the baby weight, but the stress I’ve encountered on a daily basis is keeping me from eating well, too. I’m a stress eater, and I often reward myself with cake — and not just a piece of cake but, like, an entire cake.

I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror a few weeks ago. I hadn’t been happy with the number on the scale in a while, but I kept telling myself to ignore that — it’s just a number. However, the person who was looking back at me in the mirror? I didn’t recognize her. It was like a wake up call when I noticed how different I really looked.

Yes. I know. I’ve had four kids. I shouldn’t look the same. But what I’m saying isn’t making me happy, and I decided I had to do something.

Almost three years ago, I did it. Flash was barely 4 months old when I hit major awesome goals for my health. Not only did I lose the weight, but the inches melted off. My skin was amazing. My energy levels and mood were amazing. So, I know it’s attainable.

I am not perfect at doing all the things to stay healthy, but I do know what works. Now, I’m promising to do these 6 things to not only lose the weight and inches but to be overall healthy.

6 Tips forGetting Healthy

  1. Water. You gotta drink it. Lots of it. I mean, don’t over do it, but let it replace the soda. In fact, drop the soda all together. It’s not good for you.
  2. Accountability. Get a partner or a group that will help you. Someone who will check in on you and give you both accolades for what you’ve done well or help you “snap out of it” when you ate a sleeve of Oreos that morning. What? I’ve never done that. Ever.
  3. Make a plan. I find that if I know which days of the week I’m going to run or what I’m going to have for food each day, I do better. Otherwise, I end up milling about the house shoving whatever sounds good into my mouth. That’s not helpful at all.
  4. Just do it. Quit saying you’re going to start and just start. There is never a good day to start. Yesterday was a good day to start. Two weeks ago was a good day to start. You get my point.
  5. Ignore the scale. While it is helpful to gauge your progress by following the weight on the scale, what’s more important is how you feel in your skin and your clothes. Remember that muscle weighs more than fat, so eventually you may plateau on the weight but still look fabulous in your jeans. If you must weigh in, do it on one day of the week at the same time, and don’t step up there again until the next week. I promise you’ll make yourself bonkers if you check daily.
  6. Choose a reward. My biggest problem is that I like to reward myself with food. Mostly, I like to reward myself with cake or ice cream. This isn’t really wise considering cake or ice cream is the gateway to all things unhealthy for me. So this time, I’m going to reward myself with another Stitch Fix box. This time, when I get that box, I’ll most likely enjoy all the pieces instead of thinking they look horrible on me.

What do you do to get healthy? What advice do you have for those wanting to have a new beginning?


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8 thoughts on “I: Inch by Inch (Tips for Getting Healthy)”

  1. I think this is an easy and doable plan. For me, that last one was most important, I needed to feel like I could reward myself or it would turn into all struggle with nothing to look forward to (well, other than the results, of course).

  2. It is a lot easier when you are young. When my first 2 kids were born, the weight dropped off. 5 kids later and MANY years, it is not so easy. I drink a ton of water, walk and eat a lot of veggies, drink smoothies and so on. BUT I have several immune issues so dropping weight is a BIG challenge. Looks like you have a good plan for you.
    Reward? New clothes!

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