Tips and Tricks for Traveling with a Newborn

Tips and Tricks for Traveling with a Newborn

Our Baby Diva will be right under 2 months old when I travel with her to my brother’s wedding a few hours away. I will admit that I am ridiculously nervous about this because being with a baby on the road for an extended period of time can seriously raise my stress level.

It doesn’t have to be that hard, though. And as it’s summer time, you may find yourself ready to go on vacation but scratching your head about how to do it with a newborn or baby on your hands.


Here are a few of my tried and true tips for traveling with a baby. I’ll be using them, too, in a couple of weeks:

Baby needs a bed

Decide how you want baby to sleep while you’re out of town. I enjoy using this type of travel bed.


It allows her to sleep safely and not roll away, but the bed itself is not so large that it’s going to take up all the space in my trunk.

If your baby is a little larger or more active (like, able to sit up), you’ll want to take a pack and play. I’m even jealous of some of the more high-end/expensive baby travel beds I’ve seen on the market!

A few simple toys

Baby is pretty new, so he or she won’t need much to do. But it’s always good — especially if your baby is a little older and starting to interact — to have just a few simple toys to help pass the time. Rattles, squeaky toys, things that sing…those are great options for a new or very young baby.

Plenty of clothes

If you are going somewhere that you won’t have easy access to a washing machine, then make sure you have plenty of changes of clothes. I recommend keeping the baby’s clothes (and at least one shirt for you!) in the easy-to-reach section of the vehicle. This way, if baby has a blow out or spits up on you, you’re both covered!

The essentials

You know like I do that you need the essentials: wipes, diapers, burp cloths, clothes, and — if you aren’t breastfeeding — formula and bottles. You’ll want whatever type of soap you use for baby’s bath, and you’ll want to remember the pacifier if baby uses it.

A blanket

You never know what might happen on the road. You may need to take a stretch break for both you and baby. I recommend having a nice blanket with you so that you can stop at a rest stop and spread out on the lawn (if the weather’s nice!). Take this as an opportunity to hang with baby, change a diaper, bask in the warm sun, throw out some trash, or whatever else it is you find you need to do!

Baby carrier

If you’re planning on site seeing or you don’t want to have to traipse around carrying the car seat carrier, consider a baby carrier. In the past, I’ve used a Moby, a Mai Tai, and a traditional front carrier. I have recently purchased my own Ergo, and it has to be my favorite. Figure out which one works for you, and you’ll be hands free with more mobility while out with your sweet newborn or baby.

In addition to the gear I’ll be taking with me, I’ll also be taking advantage of nap time in the hotel room while we wait for wedding adventures and gatherings to start.

What advice would you add to these?

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8 thoughts on “Tips and Tricks for Traveling with a Newborn”

  1. Even though I understand your nervousness about traveling with a baby, the best thing you can do is be as prepared as you can, and this post proves that you will be.
    I remembered a lot of those items but never remembered that I needed to make plans for how the baby would sleep once we got there. I was always so focused on the travel and not on what would happen once we got there.
    Good luck with your first trip!

    1. I was as prepared as possible, and it worked out pretty well. I will say that not having another set of hands with me was really hard. But, we did it!

  2. These are really great tips!!! Traveling can be hard with a little one and it’s best to be as prepared as you can be!!
    The only things I would add would be Infant Tylenol and gas relief. You just never know when you might need them!

  3. Practical advice that I should pass along to my friends and family with babies. I found when my kids were babies that I over-packed most of the time.

  4. You are so spot on with all of these suggestions! The thing that I never had enough of was clothes! I just assumed they would stay clean all day long. Bwahahahaha Even now as toddlers/preschoolers, I still take extra pants and underwear, cause you just never know!

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