Tropical Fruit Turtles

Tropical Fruit Turtles


Kids love fruit, and kids love animals–why not put the two of them together?

This tropical fruit turtle is exactly that! Though a lot of parents don’t really have a hard time getting their kids to eat fruit because fruit is so darned sweet, it’s still fun to make the whole event enjoyable! This tasty reptile is perfect for a summer snack or even a healthy dessert!

It’s super easy–you only need three ingredients to make two turtles:
One Orange
Two Clementines
Two Kiwi Fruits


Okay! Let’s get started!

First, peel your orange and carefully peel it into two more-or-less even halves. Put each half on a plate.


Next, cut your kiwi into slices and remove the peel.

Cut some of these kiwi slices in half to start layering the turtles’ shells.


Add the kiwi slices around the orange halves as evenly as you can. Aim to have one, solid slice on the very top of the orange to give the shell a complete look. Each orange took most of one kiwi, but I had some left over so you should feel free to snack up!


Now that your turtles have shells, peel the clementines. Each turtle will take one whole clementine. Use four segments to make the flippers coming off the sides of the shell, and cut one clementine in half and put it with the rounded side faced down to make the tail.


Use the whole other half of the clementine for your turtle’s head.

And there you have it! A beautiful and delicious fruity treat! It’s really that easy!


This post is from Deb, a mother of five and foster for dozens of children, including those with special needs, and is the creative force behind CreativeKrate. With a background in nursing and early child development, kids and all things kid-like are her life.

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