Use What You Have

Use What You Have

We have a lot of stuff. Like, a lot. It’s embarrassing, really, because then I still think, “Oh my, I need a lightbulb warmer” (those don’t exist, I don’t think), and I run out and get one. In the course of moving, I realized how much stuff we really own and have since begun a quest to use it or lose it. Granted there are some things I keep because they are a bit nostalgic, but those pieces are becoming way more intentional. So, in the spirit of not having just stuff, I’ve begun trying to live by the mantra, “Use what you have.” This even means my fancy china and the crafty stuff I’ve sworn I would get to for years.


Earlier this year, some friends of mine gathered here at the house to create window art from old windows that I retrieved from my old house. They are paned, old, and battered looking. These are perfect for the types of decor we see more and more in old farmhouses and on the ol’ Pinterest.

I’ve made a couple already for the house. The first order of business was to add to my fancy new laundry room. Then, I mulled over how to do something with “You are my Sunshine” without being too cheesy. I’m pretty pleased with the results.

Sassy Pants attempted her own window, but in the long run wasn’t pleased with how it turned out. Couple that with the fact that she broke three of the six panes, and it was a situation that I needed to take over.

Upstairs has a large wall that is now empty. Creating a window to celebrate my kids seemed like the perfect solution for using something I have on hand while putting something meaningful on the wall (not just ANOTHER poser or random art piece).

diy window materials

I gathered my supplies…more stuff I had lying around. The window. Some chicken wire (from when we created our Halloween tree). Some random mini-clothespins. A staple gun.

Easy peasy, and now I have a super cute window upstairs in the area that’s basically all for the kids anyway. Plus, the way I’ve set it up, I can change out the pictures as they grow up.

window completed

Wreath and Bows

Earlier this year, I found a wooden circle pallet thing (technical term) that I decided to make into an all-year decoration. I started with a simple bow made out of about a thousand different colored ribbons. That was meant for spring. It lasted until after Halloween.

But then I found some fall-themed items and turned them in to a fancy bow and added those to the wooden pallet. I connected them to the pallet with jewelry wire (and later with floral wire) so that they were easy to remove. All of the fall-themed items came from a dollar store of some sort.

autumn wreath

For Christmas/winter, I simply used some of the ribbon that I’ve been stocking away for some reason. (Remind me why I keep buying it?) Easy enough, and now I’m set for at least three seasons. Maybe I’ll get a wild hair and create a Valentine’s bow!

wintery welcome wreath

And so much more

And of course, there are other projects from around the house that have been created with items we simply have on hand.

Do you remember my Easter Garden?

Or my Jesus pallet.

Maybe you remember when I used crayons to make some art? Or my doors for the front porch?

It’s easy to simply use what’s around the house. I know that with all the kids in the house, we decide to get crafty when we’re bored or enjoying one another’s company.

And making stuff at home makes me feel jolly — which is a good thing since this month’s Blog with Friends theme is jolly!

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