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I have about 10 weeks left. That’s about 2 months. We have so much to do before he’s here, but at the same time, I’m really ready to meet my little man and hold him close.

The other thing I’m really ready for is to have my waistline back.

Two weeks ago, my students and I were watching documentaries past classes had created. I wanted to show them the best ones so they’d have something on which to base their creations for this semester. In one of the documentaries, the group had decided I should have a specific role – something no other group in the 4 years prior had ever done.

As the documentary played, and I came on the screen, there was a collective, “Woah!” as my students saw me for the first time in the shape I once was.

Well, now clearly they’d seen me non-pregnant before, but pretty much all this particular group had really known is either me in bulky jackets trying to hide the we’re-not-ready-to-tell baby bump or my current holy-moly-how-much-longer-do-you-have extension. I even joined them in their gasp as I saw myself in a pair of pants that I, at the time, thought didn’t fit me well. Oh my was I thin! Who was I to be upset with my body a year ago? I actually looked pretty great.

My students laughed as I oozed out, “Ohhhh! I have a waist!” They found it funny as I stared with longing at my own image on the large screen at the front of my room. And then a girl (not sure who it is at this point because I was so entranced at my then-body) very kindly said, “But Mrs. R! You’re pregnant!”

I know. I’m pregnant. And I’m so excited about the life that Aaron and I are about to bring into this world. I love the little kicks and squirms he’s doing in there. I do love it when people ask about him and the plans we’re making. Truly, I love this.

But I miss my “old” body. And while I know that I only have a few months, and I should shut up and enjoy, anyone who has been in this same boat is most likely nodding their head and agreeing that eventually, searching for jeans that fit the big belly instead of leaving a mark, or the shirt that actually covers the pregnancy panel on pants instead of allowing others to see that you have to wear special pants does truly get old.

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