What I loved about college

What I loved about college

College. The time of feeling both independent and responsible while trying to figure out who you’re going to be.

I never did the movie-like version of college, though.

You know — the whole live-in-a-dorm thing? Up all night with the roommate studying?

No. Instead, I worked my tail off at a bank five days a week and wore dress suits and heels to class.

But for one little bit of my college career — from the end of my sophomore year to half-way through my junior year — I had what I think was the most movie-like college life.

At the end of my sophomore year, I caught up with my friend, Heather. She and I became friends our senior year of high school when we were lucky enough to sit next to each other in 2nd period Marketing.

Heather and me -- high school seniors
Heather and me — high school seniors

She was looking to move in to her own place, and I was wishing to move out of my parents’.

So, we did it. We rented a small, two bedroom house.

We spent way too much money on decorations.

We threw parties.

Pebbles and Cleopatra
Pebbles and Cleopatra

We stayed up too late.

We made really bad spaghetti.

We painstakingly lined our cabinets with contact paper.

We watched movies, made late night runs to the grocery store, and jammed out to Buffett.

It was that summer that she gave me the most honest advice anyone has ever given me: “Don’t get back together with him.”

I did anyway. And ultimately, that relationship was doomed.

Since then,  we’ve had our babies, our losses, our happiness, and our frustrations together.

Thank goodness for that moment during our sophomore year when we crossed paths at the community college.

And thank goodness for Heather.

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