DIY Wood Slice Ornaments

DIY Wood Slice Ornaments

Last fall, the hurricanes in our area knocked down several trees. This caused us to really consider the rest of the trees in our yard and their ability to withstand wind and other weather problems. There were two cedars in the back that could potentially threaten the back portion of the house, so we had them cut down. Cedar has such an amazing smell, so we decided to use some hold on to some of the wood for various projects. One such project idea was to create wood slice ornaments.

Math Man cut several pieces for me, and I did some Pinterest-looking for inspiration. I’ve been wanting to use our wood burner to draw, so I pulled that out of the craft cabinet.

Diva (4) really wanted to help, so in the spirit of keeping the project focused on family cooperation, I let her design. She had some great ideas! She’s really excited that she can draw hearts now, so we were sure to put create at least one heart-focused ornament.

We also tried to make some that looked like snowflakes. This was an easy design that Diva could easily coach me through. She just liked all of the lines and dots and attempts at swirls. For the record, making swirls proved to be extremely difficult for me with this wood burner!

She wanted to have at least one with a picture of the cats. She drew them, but she made them so small that I struggled to trace her drawings. But I did it with some artistic liberty on my part!

I still want to do some with paint as I think the cracks in the wood would be less obvious that way. Regardless, I did try one with just an initial and some extra decor. I think it turned out pretty cute.

And then I tried one with a nativity scene. I’m loving how it looks, but I didn’t draw it first. I think if I’d drawn it and traced it, it would look much better. This is one I will definitely attempt to recreate.

No matter what we put on the ornaments, it’s fun to craft with our loved ones in mind. Now to decide how and what we will put on some of the wood slices for our family and friends!

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