Create your own scavenger hunt

Create your own scavenger hunt

It’s almost Easter, and my kids love a good egg hunt. Due to the current situation in our town, county, state, country (aka COVID-19 quarantine), my kids didn’t get a chance to participate in an egg hunt at school or with their church friends. So, Big Sis and I decided to create our own scavenger hunt to give a similar experience and add in some extra challenges!

I was inspired first by a Google search for online egg hunts and scavenger hunts. Many of the results suggested Google Drive, QR codes, and images. After a few conversations and brainstorms with Big Sis, we figured out our plan.

First, we took pictures. Big Sis went around and used her problem-solving skills to determine which items would make sense. What she needed was to be sure that whatever she chose would be stationery — in other words, she couldn’t pick items that would get completely removed from the yard.

She did an awesome job!

Then, Big Sis assigned each image to a Googledoc. In my practice run, we just used the images as they were; but we went with a Googledoc for the real deal so that we could include clues. The practice images were way easier than the “real” ones!

Once each image had a Googledoc, we assigned QR codes to the Googledoc link. I used the QR codes to attach to the bottom of the items so that this process would follow:

  1. See the first image and find it in the yard.
  2. Find the QR code on or under the discovered item.
  3. Scan the QR code to find the next image and search!
  4. Continue until you’ve found all of them!









Easy enough – and free! Except for the time it took to set it up (approximately 30 minutes from start to finish!).

I see this process being useful in a lot of different avenues including my classroom or other fun birthday party adventures in the future.

How would you use an at-home DIY scavenger hunt?

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4 thoughts on “Create your own scavenger hunt”

  1. One year for our youngest son’s birthday we did a scavenger hunt for all his gifts He loved it and to this day talks about it. Almost 20 years later. Of course we didn’t have your cool technology. Great idea and very creative. I’m sure the kids loved it.

  2. Wow, that’s brilliant. Great project!
    i like how people come up with creative ideas to keep busy and entertained during this difficult times.

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