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Uncommon Goods

Every now and again, I love to scour various sites for interesting and different conversation pieces for the house. As our kids get older and there are fewer opportunities for breakable items to – well – break, I’m more and more willing to add these... read more

One Year (Reflection Poem)

Every now and again, I try to stretch my poetic muscles. Back when I was a teenager absolutely filled with angst and romance and puppy love and sadness, the poems would flow onto the page with this beautiful imagery and figurative language. In these days of adulting,... read more

Repurposed Porch Decor

When my babies were little, I found myself not crafting. Sure, here and there I would create a little something. But it was nothing like the “old days” of pre-kids or pre-multiple kids. When Sassy Pants (12) was a baby, she was the only one to contend... read more

Pigtail Food Flipper from CaveTools (Review)

You know how sometimes, you’re grilling food or cooking something in the pan and it’s almost impossible to grab it with tongs or a fork? I know that when I’ve fried bacon in the grill, I fumble with a fork to try to flip each piece. Inevitably, the... read more

Daddy Wins (a poem)

My kids adore their father. Endlessly. It’s sort of a joke that the boys will quite literally deflate when they find out I’m the one to take them to bed. Daddy is just more fun and more laid back than me. While my feelings are moderately hurt when they... read more

Non-screen summer activities

Summer is here, and the kids are home. For some families, that means getting to hang out all day, go on vacation, sleep in, take naps, and all that fun stuff. While that’s sort of true for this household, I still work in the summer. My online classes have me... read more

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