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Parenting without Regrets

I’m not a big believer in regrets. To paraphrase the Greek philosopher Heraclitus, you can’t step into the same river twice: once a moment has passed, it’s gone for good. In other words, there are no do-overs. That’s particularly important to remember when it comes to... read more

Kidloland Nursery Rhymes App for Kids (Review)

My boys are addicted to the iPad. There, I’ve admitted it. They really enjoy watching videos and playing games. That’s why I work hard to make certain that what they’re doing is educational rather than just fluff. With the Kidloland Nursery Rhymes... read more

Sometimes, there are sucky days (and that’s ok)

Again, the house is covered in toy vomit. Dishes are piled outside of the dishwasher and sick. No one fed the dogs. Laundry is flowing out of the hamper and onto my bed. Today sucks. It’s not always easy like cupcakes and flowers and happy children and unicorns.... read more

Monthly Money Tracker (Free Download)

Back in the day before kids when I had all my brain cells to myself, I was a rockstar at keeping up with my checkbook and budget. Well, I suppose saying that I had a budget wouldn’t be a fair statement. I didn’t really need a budget. I was single and was... read more


I’ve tried and tried to get myself back on the healthy wagon. But it seems like my health wanted to keep having health PROBLEMS. So, the constant circling back to not healthy continues to happen. Most recently, I had a stent in place from kidney to bladder to... read more

7 Ways to Have Fun Inside (When You Can’t Go Outside)

Winter means cold days. I don’t like the cold. My kids would go outside and play all day if they could, but I actually don’t even like going outside. Here in NC, when snow actually comes in, everyone goes on lockdown. There’s no school. There’s... read more

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