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all things bright cover

All Things Bright and Beautiful

This house is filled with books. Dinosaur books. Princess books. Books about trucks and tractors. The solar system. How the body works. We have numerous seek and find books, and we have children’s devotionals or stories about Christmas (We have so many Christmas...
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Moving in the rightdirection

Moving in the Right Direction

When the numbers start to change, momentum picks up. That’s what’s happening with me right now. A couple of weeks ago, I shared my goals for getting myself back in shape and back in the healthy saddle. My first week didn’t turn out so well. In fact,...
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Summer Lovin'

Summer Lovin’

It was spring when we met. Phone calls, online chats, a blind date at Chili’s. Two days before the first day of summer? “Want to get married?” “You know it!” And it began. A whirlwind of planning, moving, jobs, and babies. And here we are...
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Find your chill

Find your chill

Summer time calls for lazy days, ice cream, hot backyards, and kids. Kids in my house all day long who need me, ask me questions, talk to me, need me to hold them, need food…you get the drift. It’s hard as a parent at home with the kids to find your chill....
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Reality Check CG

Reality Check

Last week, I proclaimed loud and strong that I was going to get my health and body in order. I was going to do all these amazing things, and by making it public I was sharing with all of you across the interwebs my goals, dreams, aspirations, and hope. Then, the week...
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