Baby, Baby! (Review)

Baby Diva loves books. Since she was able to choose her own activities, she’s moved toward books and often sits for quite some time just looking at the pictures and turning the pages. At just shy of 18 months, I’d like to believe that she’s going to... read more

Returning the Love

Regardless of the fact that I have four of my own kids and am nearing 40, I never really let myself believe that my parents might truly age and ultimately not be here forever. That’s a hard understanding to reach when your parents have both been relatively... read more

Protected: Fanpage Now What Webinar

Facebook Fan Page: Now What!? Welcome! We’re so excited you’re here. You can watch the Webinar live below. Be sure to use the chatbox underneath to talk to us! Please contact us at if you cant embed the... read more

The Biggest Story DVD & CD (Giveaway)

Not too long ago, we received The Biggest Story — an animated representation of the Bible — and it quickly became a favorite of our kindergartner (the Animal). He loves the pictures and the stories. He asks questions and opens conversations with us about... read more

Hashtag Best Practices

Hashtag. The first time I ever heard that word, something about it struck me funny. It sounded like a dirty word, and I jokingly told my friend (who is a genius, and who I should have never doubted) that it sounded like she was trying to curse me. I didn’t... read more

Night Night Farm (Review & Giveaway)

Ever since he was little, farm animals have made Flash smile and laugh. I probably sang “Old McDonald” to him a thousand times in his first two years of life. He just loved “E-I-E-I-Ohhhhh!” Then when Baby Diva came along, she quickly showed a... read more


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