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Y,Z: Yes, I was a Zombie

The past 6 years have been filled with pregnancy, breastfeeding, pregnancy, breastfeeding, pregnancy and breastfeeding. And today, we officially celebrated our final baby’s first birthday. I’m weaning myself off the breastpump, and my life seems to be...
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X: eXcuses

Yesterday was my baby’s birthday, and I didn’t write about her. I’m full of excuses – let me share them: I work from home, and when I normally get nap-time work I didn’t because Flash decided to be sick and was home from preschool. I...
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lessons pumping

V: Valuable Lessons in Exclusive Pumping #AtoZChallenge

The last four months have not been easy. When Baby Diva came down with hand, foot, mouth, she decided to quit nursing. I tried and tried for about three weeks, but nothing could convince her to come back. In the meantime, I used a bottle of expressed milk to feed her....
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U: Unanswered Prayers #AtoZChallenge

Years ago, I prayed harder than I’ve ever prayed before. My relationship was falling apart at the seams, and there didn’t seem to be anything I could do to repair it. So I prayed. A friend was having the same problem, so we prayed together. We studied...
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T: Turning Three #AtoZChallenge

Tomorrow is Flash’s birthday. He’ll be 3, and I’m kind of in this surreal acceptance phase. He’s our spunky one. Turns into a little old lady when he talks to his baby sister. He’s always been good at mimicking people and appearing...
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