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Digital Media Academy Online Learning

As an online teacher, I understand the importance and relevance of learning on the Web. My colleagues and I can attest to the fact that a well-written course and program can teach a student exactly what he or she needs to fulfill requirements that are met at the... read more

LEGO Brick Fest Live is coming to Charlotte!

It seems to be inevitable that if you have kids, you’ll have LEGOs. My boys have quickly become fans, and my baby (who just turned 2 — sniff) finds herself immersed in “Yegos” every chance she gets. While they are often a pain in the bottom of... read more

Loving my Tervis Water Bottle

I’m notoriously bad about drinking water. In fact, I’m so bad at it that I’ve recently finished a major bout with kidney stones and kidney problems that, I’m almost positive, stemmed from my lack of hydration. The doctor wanted me to drink more... read more

Daily Devotions to Start Your Day

There’s something about starting your day off with thoughtful reflection and prayer. To be completely honest, I’ve never made this a habit of mine. I’ve wanted to. I’ve read about folks who love starting with Bible study and prayer in the... read more

My (very fun) experience with thredUP

It’s no secret that I don’t splurge on myself. It’s also no secret that when it comes to clothes and fashion, I take the easy way out and wear yoga pants or sweats with a t-shirt. I had seen ads for thredUP on Facebook, but I generally scrolled on... read more

Eight years and counting

Today is my 8th wedding anniversary to Math Man. Eight years. There’s nothing glorious about this particular anniversary when you think about monumental dates. It’s not our 10th. Not our 25th. So on. But it is still another year of being married to the... read more

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