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Daddy Wins (a poem)

My kids adore their father. Endlessly. It’s sort of a joke that the boys will quite literally deflate when they find out I’m the one to take them to bed. Daddy is just more fun and more laid back than me. While my feelings are moderately hurt when they... read more

Non-screen summer activities

Summer is here, and the kids are home. For some families, that means getting to hang out all day, go on vacation, sleep in, take naps, and all that fun stuff. While that’s sort of true for this household, I still work in the summer. My online classes have me... read more

BrickFest: Why we’ll go again

Building with Legos is one of my kids’ favorite things to do. My boys, especially, like to purchase the kits and follow directions with Daddy. Diva just likes to build and pull them apart – she’s two. I received tickets to attend BrickFest Live, and... read more

Ultimate Summer Book List

Since Baby Diva has turned into Toddler Diva, I’ve actually had time to read some books. It’s amazing to finally sit and escape into a new world that isn’t necessarily filled with sippy cups, homework, and whining. This summer, I’ve joined a... read more

May Poetry: Mother’s Wish

All day I think of you. Warm and inviting. Soft in all the right places. Strong where I need you. Most beautiful specimen I’ve ever seen. Every day, you tempt me… Invite me back to your warmth. You don’t judge me. You never talk back. You fulfill my... read more

Simple Ideas for Sprucing Things Up

It’s pretty well-known among my friends that I do not have a particularly green thumb. Generally, I kill all outdoor plants. I have two potted trees that were labeled as “easy care,” and I’ve just about murdered them (I’m trying to fix my... read more

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