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Daily Devotions to Start Your Day

There’s something about starting your day off with thoughtful reflection and prayer. To be completely honest, I’ve never made this a habit of mine. I’ve wanted to. I’ve read about folks who love starting with Bible study and prayer in the... read more

My (very fun) experience with thredUP

It’s no secret that I don’t splurge on myself. It’s also no secret that when it comes to clothes and fashion, I take the easy way out and wear yoga pants or sweats with a t-shirt. I had seen ads for thredUP on Facebook, but I generally scrolled on... read more

Eight years and counting

Today is my 8th wedding anniversary to Math Man. Eight years. There’s nothing glorious about this particular anniversary when you think about monumental dates. It’s not our 10th. Not our 25th. So on. But it is still another year of being married to the... read more

March 2017 Funny Friday

Every now and again, I find the chance to participate in Funny Friday. This linkup gathers bloggers who think it might be fun to laugh a little as we take one blogger’s photo and caption it our own special way. I love my group of blogging buddies, and I love all... read more

Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics

Years ago, I learned about the importance of gut health. This isn’t something that is just part of health class or conversations with Mom. I’m not sure I really understood the purpose of gut health and probiotics until I was somewhere in college. It... read more

Old Crayons (and What to do with Them)

When my Blog with Friends buddies decided to use the theme “green” for our March linkup, I immediately thought of “being green” and focusing on how we can use old items around the house to create something new. I enjoy upcycling, and I look... read more

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