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Watch Ya Mouth Throwdown Edition

We watch a lot of YouTube in our house (don't worry -- we monitor), and our boys will find the funniest games that other kids have tried out. They love to laugh at the ridiculousness of many of the games, and one such exciting toy is Watch Ya' Mouth. Watch Ya' Mouth...

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The Joy of Fall (A Poem)

Every season, I think to myself: this is my favorite season. But it really always comes back to one: fall. There's just something about the leaves and the crisp air and fall gatherings that remind me of the joy of fall and why it's truly my absolute favorite. My kids...

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Kids’ Fall Favorites

Around our house, fall generally takes the cake over all seasons. While Christmas is absolutely fun and of course important, my kids seem to enjoy fall the most. It's not hard to gather a list of their fall favorites to share! Halloween Fun Halloween is the highlight...

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Too much stuff

The joke about my blog's name is that it fits my personality (and my house) perfectly. I chose the name because I felt like I was "so smart" that I couldn't keep things organized. Hence, the cluttered genius. My kitchen counters reflect this name. My bedroom closet...

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Carolina Renaissance Festival: Go!

In the fall, one of my most favorite traditions was always going to the Carolina Renaissance Festival. There's just something about the excitement and the nostalgia that took me back every year. If you haven't ever been, and you live in the area, there's only one...

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Fish Basket from Cave Tools

Somewhere around the time I was pregnant with Sassy Pants (now 12), I discovered a deep love and appreciation for salmon. As strange as that sounds, I had spent the majority of my life only eating fish sticks or tuna. While both are still delicious, my palate has...

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Same Kind of Different as Me: Coming Soon

This world has become an ugly place. Everyone is fighting. Everyone has something negative to say. Folks are complaining and worrying about issues that don't directly relate to or affect them. It's hard to look at social media or the news to find anything positive or...

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Identifying my Kids’ Strengths

There's this sort-of joke that I relay to friends or folks who know and witness my kids dealing with one another. I talk about the roles my kids would play if they owned a business together. These four kids fight with and scream at and love on and cheer each other...

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Jeremy Camp’s “The Answer”

Music is often what guides me. Day to day, a song will pop into my head, and I'll sing it either to myself or aloud to my family. Many times, the songs that enter my mind don't make much sense. I'll try to think back to the day's events to determine where and when the...

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