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Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics

Years ago, I learned about the importance of gut health. This isn’t something that is just part of health class or conversations with Mom. I’m not sure I really understood the purpose of gut health and probiotics until I was somewhere in college. It... read more

Old Crayons (and What to do with Them)

When my Blog with Friends buddies decided to use the theme “green” for our March linkup, I immediately thought of “being green” and focusing on how we can use old items around the house to create something new. I enjoy upcycling, and I look... read more

#3DLightFX (Review)

Flash (3) has a very distinct love for Paw Patrol. In fact, he really loves any of the shows where someone comes to the rescue or is called for help. When we play outside, one of his favorite games is to get on the tricycle and request that we yell, “Help!... read more

First Aid Badge (and Safety Pin)

At my church, our Girl Scout troop ranges in age from Daisy to Cadette. We are a relatively small troop (we have 20), but we have quite the range of ages and interests. When it comes to creating a lesson and group activity that will actively engage all of my girls, I... read more

Fly on the Wall: February 2017

This month. Since my last Fly on the Wall in January, I’ve found very little time to really sit and write. And that’s a sad thing considering part of my schtick is teaching people and encouraging folks to write. I’m going to phone it in this month... read more

Friends are family (a poem)

I enjoy writing poetry. Sometimes, I am serious. Sometimes, I’m silly. This month’s theme with my poetry writing buddies is Friends and Family. Let’s see what I can create. These months of confusion leading to understandings and revelations of things... read more

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