Dug & Lemonade

Dug & Lemonade

So, I’ve gone off on how much I don’t like our cat. If you’re new here, her name is Ethel, she’s evil, and she will never die.

But two sweet creatures I often forget to discuss are our dogs, Dug & Lemonade.

Lemonade is a Boston Terrier who really should be “Lemalade.” She was named by Miss Sassy Pants almost 7 years ago (I can’t believe it’s been that long!), but the name morphed into it’s intended pronunciation after MSP thought we were saying it “stupidly.” I wanted to have Lemonade so I could have a small dog who would hang out with me and watch TV or sit in my lap.

Lemonade & Gonzo
Lemonade (left) hangs out with her cousin, Gonzo.

She’s a little bit crazy, but I love her. She gets too excited when people come over, and she is the quintessential ankle biter. She’s pretty darn smart, though, and she is so nice to our kids.

Then, there’s Dug. We decided to get a second dog after Lemonade spent a week with her “cousin” dogs. She came home so sad to be alone, and we knew she needed to have a friend. Dug is a rescue dog (his family abandoned him on the side of the road), and he’s some sort of a lab mix. He’s beautiful, but he doesn’t appear to be the sharpest tack in the box. He will bark incessantly at the wind, and he talks in his sleep. But, like Lemonade, he’s incredibly kind to our children, and we love him.

Handsome Dug

I forget to talk about these two because they are pretty easy to deal with. They, in general, don’t make me nuts. I even caught this sweet moment today while the two of them took a nap.


Do you have any furry friends who you just love? Tell me about them!

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  1. We have a cat that won’t die too. Henry was actually talking about getting a dog and I told him we couldn’t do that because Oscar wouldn’t like it. Henry says, “Well, we could get rid of Oscar!” My husband laughed himself silly at that one!

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