Just Dance Disney Party

Just Dance Disney Party

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Just Dance Disney Party

Christmas clearly came early this year as Miss Sassy Pants and I continue to have the opportunity to try out and share with you games by Ubisoft. Most recently, we had the chance to try out Just Dance Disney Party.

Actually, Miss Sassy Pants tried it out before I ever did. On the day the stomach scourge hit the Animal and me, I was down for the count. It was the day after we’d received the game on our front porch, and Miss Sassy Pants took advantage of the free time in front of the Wii to see how fun the game is.

Her first song to dance to, she reported, was “Hang in there, Baby” from the Disney family show, Good Luck Charlie. She sings this song on a regular basis, anyway, so I wasn’t surprised to find out that this was the first she chose.

When we were all feeling better, we decided to have a little family time with the Wii. The Animal even loves to dance, and he was ready for his big sister to turn the TV on and get the party started.

We made a video to show you how much fun it can be. From TV show to movie songs, this game has so many options. To make it even more fun and educational, you can choose different languages for many of the songs. We thought it would be fun to listen to “Under the Sea” in Dutch. It was definitely fun.

When you’re thinking about what to buy the little ones this season, be sure to put Just Dance Disney Party on your list. You can find it at Amazon.com or ToysRUs.com.


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