Mamavation Monday: Avoiding the Evil

Halloween CandyOk, Halloween is evil. I’m not saying that because of the ghosts and goblins. I’m saying it because of the candy that comes home. And I HAVE to eat it in order to save my babies from eating unhealthy food, right? Urg.

This past week, I did all right.

  • I STILL haven’t had any soda.
  • I have been moderating as best I can.
  • I didn’t go through a drive-thru (although I did have Subway once).
  • When the family ate out two nights, I made some pretty decent choices (like, no fries, water to drink, etc.).

But, there were a couple of days that I chose to eat some handfuls of candy. Yikes. I know one or two bad choices hasn’t fully collapsed my plan here, but it doesn’t mean I don’t feel like I let myself down.

On the upside, we had our most recent pre-natal checkup. We are (as of today) 16 weeks and 1 day. I have only gained 2 lbs since our first doctor’s appointment. While this may seem like I’m not gaining enough, I will admit that with this pregnancy, I’m well over 10 lbs heavier to start. I’m hoping to really reign in the 60+ lbs I gained (each) with Miss Sassy Pants and the Animal.

What do you do when you have a bad choice moment? Do you just pick up where you left off and keep trucking? Share your experiences!

Mamavation Monday

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