I refuse to call it "Baby Brain"

I refuse to call it "Baby Brain"

Yesterday, I went to the store to grab dog food. In perfect Lydia fashion, I bought way more than just dog food. (I even bought a candy bar and relished it the entire 2 minute drive home.)

As soon as I pulled into the driveway, it struck me: I had left the dog food in the underside of the cart and had driven away.

I ran into the house, screamed at Aaron that I had to go back to the store, and I went as fast as I could to get there.

When I pulled into the parking lot, my mind went millions of directions.

Someone’s going to see me getting dog food out from a cart that’s already in the cart return and think I’m a thief.

Someone probably stole the dog food and is super excited about saving $10.

If it’s not there, I’ll take my receipt into the store, go right to the girl who checked me out, and pray that someone turned it in.

I neared the cart return and, as I feared, there was no bag of dog food. I took a deep breath to ready myself for the embarrassment of having to tell the ladies inside that I’d not only forgotten to put the dog food in the car but that it was now also gone.

Then, an epiphany. What if I had put it in the trunk? Wouldn’t hurt to just check, right?

I hopped out, opened the trunk, and sure enough — the dog food was in there underneath the other random items I didn’t really need to buy.

Now, I know you’re thinking, “Why didn’t she just check when she pulled in the driveway? Would have saved her some serious time and worry.”

True. You’re right. And Aaron asked the same question once I got back and told him what I’d done.

But that isn’t the choice I made. I had replayed my grocery cart transfer over and over while driving back to the store. I had no recollection of putting a 17 lb bag into the trunk.

And I refuse to label this “baby brain.”


Yes, I’m 21 weeks pregnant with 3 older kids and a house that looks like a toy store and restaurant had a puke fest together. That’s the real reason. It’s my Cluttered Genius — I’m too busy dealing with other things in my life to worry too much about the dog food. Which I did worry about. Once I thought I didn’t have it.

But you know what I didn’t worry about? The calories from that delicious candy bar.

Want to see me explain “Cluttered Genius?” Enjoy!


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