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We are a book-loving family. Every night, our routine is to bathe, brush teeth, and then read books. Generally, each kid gets his or her own book (or, the oldest gets Free Zone if she’d like) and then sometimes a song and lights out. The Story 2 Sleep blanket has added a level of fun to our bedtime routine, especially for Flash who has claimed the new prize for his own.

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Awesome blanket

The blanket comes in its own carrying bag and easily unrolls (and rolls back up) for transport. The top of the blanket is slick, but the underside is unbelievably plush and soft. My boys immediately noted how soft it is!

The book is huge! Inside the blanket’s top, there’s a pouch to store the book (and two snaps to keep it secured to the blanket and from falling off the bed when you’re reading). The Animal (almost 7) was able to read the story easily. Flash and his dad spent a couple of nights reading the story and enjoying the adventure.

Get yours now!

Story 2 Sleep offers two blankets right now. There’s a “boy” version and a “girl” version. Check out both on Amazon!

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