Today, I have a teenager. I’m not really sure how this happened. I mean, I know that time passes and years go by and kids grow up and babies become kids become teenagers. But seriously, how did this happen!?

2005 feels like a lifetime ago. I had no clue what that year would have in store, but I did know that my baby was running late and I was hugely pregnant. I was ready to meet the little one (I had no clue if it was a boy or a girl — although I suspected boy), and little one came with a fury once the time was ready.

After the birth was over, no one yelled, “It’s a…,” so I had to ask.

“It’s a boy, right?” I asked.

“No, a girl!” was the response. But she wasn’t breathing like she should be, so I only held her for a couple of moments before she was whisked away to be watched.

After that moment of glory and tears, I hadn’t a clue how hard I would fall. How much I could truly love another human being. How that cliche about my heart walking outside of my body could be true.

But it was.

And here we are thirteen years later celebrating that little baby’s birthday and welcome into teen years.

A few nights ago, I sat with her on her floor, and we discussed who she was. After she sat and looked at me with no real answer, I offered my response. It feels fitting to share today.

13 pancake

Run the World

You are the strongest person I know.
When you want something, you go for it.
Nothing can stop you.
If you hit a block in the road, you overcome it — no matter what.

You are freakishly smart.
You can figure something out in basically no time.
Please notice you play three instruments, two of which you basically taught yourself.
Freakishly smart.

You are a good, kind-hearted person.
You want everyone to do well.
You want to save everyone from their own mistakes.
Because you are probably the strongest in the group.

And you are gorgeous.
Drop. Dead. Gorgeous.
I am afraid of what the future holds, sometimes, when I look at you.

So grown up.
So beautiful.
So talented.

You will run the world.

I love you, Sassy Pants. Happy 13th birthday to our teenager. I seriously still don’t know how it happened.

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