The one in which Miss Sassy Pants turns 8

The one in which Miss Sassy Pants turns 8

The fact that my oldest child turns 8 today completely blows my mind. I know that’s not exceptionally old, and many of my readers have children who are even older. But where did all these years go?

We started her celebration this morning with balloons on her chair at the table. Aaron made her special pancakes (she was completely wowed) complete with pancake/syrup balloons. We’ll continue tonight with pizza and a cookie cake I’ll make and decorate for her.

8pancakes copy

Before we walked out the door to take her to school, I had to tie an obnoxiously large pink ribbon around her pony tail – after all, one must have a birthday bow, right?

Miss Sassy Pants seriously has no idea how much has transpired in her 8 years. She has no idea the turmoil that surrounds the story of her first two years. She doesn’t realize that she saved my life on many occasions just by being a precious baby who loved me unconditionally.

To clarify, she's in the monkey house at the zoo. She wasn't pleased with the aroma.
To clarify, she’s in the monkey house at the zoo (2 years old). She wasn’t pleased with the aroma.

So, Happy Birthday, Miss Sassy Pants. And thank you. Thank you for being the beautiful, hilarious, brilliant, positive, adjustable, sweet girl that you are. You’ve made my life 100 times better than it ever was. I love you.

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