Things I Hate (But Do Anyway)

Things I Hate (But Do Anyway)

There was a time when everything I did was for me. All for me. Want to sleep in? Fine. Want to go out to eat? Fine. Want to let the house turn into a pit of despair? Fine. These days, I have four minions who demand my time, energy and effort. I don’t have the freedom of choice like I used to. So there are things that I hate, but I do them anyway. Because I love my kids. Come, read with me.

Don’t get me wrong. I really do love my kids. I would walk on hot fiery stones for them. I would take a bullet for them. I would do anything to protect them. Anything. But that doesn’t mean that there are some things that I really hate to do that they ask me to do daily.

Playing outside

I really don’t like going outside. I mean, I like it. But I prefer to be alone, with a book and a glass of something cool to drink. Or maybe by a fire with a nice cocktail. I like adult time outside. I like quiet time outside. I even like snoozing outside. But I don’t so much enjoy worrying that my kids are going to get hurt outside. Or watching them climb to the frightening heights of our backyard playground. Or sweating. I don’t like sweating. Related: I don’t like freezing.

Swimming in a pool

Last summer, we joined a local pool. Did I do this for me? Oh no. I did this for my kids. I did this for family memories and fun heart-filling experiences and something to do. I do not enjoy swimming, and I haven’t really enjoyed it since around the time my eye sight got so bad that without contacts I was blind as a bat.

Yes, I know I can wear goggles. But come on, people. I’m already lacking in cool points and confidence with my mom bod. I do not need to add to the goofy with a pair of goggles. (However, the one time I allowed myself to try goggles, I went under water, opened my eyes to swim, and enjoyed the heck out of that fifteen minutes.)

I also don’t like splashing. Lord help it when the kids get excited and jump off the side and splash me in the face. I. wear. contacts. Please do not get your chlorine-filled water in my eyes. I will be blind.

Bath Time

I used to love bath time. When Sassy Pants was a baby, bath time was a joyous experience filled with cute noises and bubbles and warm, snuggly towels.

Then we had boys back-to-back and all they want to do is splash and pour water out of the side of the bath. I can’t stand it. They prefer that Daddy gives them a bath and the feeling is mutual.

The Dishes

They are always dirty or they are always needing to be put away. I have dreams of hiring someone to just do my dishes and keep the counters cleaned off. This is a for-real source of my anxiety. But my kids and husband must eat. Thus, we must clean the dishes. I don’t always have the job, but it still drives me insane.

Waking Up

I really like to sleep. And I’m a night owl, so I stay up later than I should. It’s when my mojo kicks in (like, as I’m writing this post), and it’s when everyone is quiet and leaving me alone.

But these kids seem to think that 6 A.M. is the wonder hour and that they should bother us. I don’t enjoy this.

Similarly, I don’t enjoy those moments when they wake up barfing or coughing or crying. Don’t get me wrong. I’m going to tend to them, but I really wish that I could just roll over and let Math Man take care of it. Until I remember they are my babies, and I love them.

What do you do that you hate? Tell me in the comments.


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18 thoughts on “Things I Hate (But Do Anyway)”

  1. YES. Preach it, woman! I loathe the dishes. It’s something that my husband finally took over because I would just procrastinate and let it pile up. He’s that way with the baths – so I took over that task.

    I’m with you on playing outside, too. Sweating is gross.

  2. Oh, Lydia! I was laughing and crying at the same time – reading the story of my life. I totally can relate to going outside. I like the adult time outside. And bath time. For the love of God, why do we have to have a flood in the bathroom every. single.time? And DISHES, never ending dishes… I make my kids do them, though. My oldest one is a pro, but he is also home much less than he used to be. I am in the process of teaching the younger ones to take over that chore but really, they just make me want to have a beverage. Which creates even more dishes…

    1. My oldest does the dishes most of the time. But they are just always there. As soon as we fill the dishwasher and start it running, it’s like the dishes turned into rabbits and multiplied!

  3. I hate building blocks, Legos and doing puzzles with my boys. It’s annoying and I don’t want to play. I too hate bath time…like you said, the splashing and pouring of the water is terrible. It’s nice to know that I’m not alone!

  4. Oh my goodness, it’s like you read my mind. =) I agree 100% with the whole thing, but especially with the dishes. Mine multiply at a disturbing rate. Enjoyed reading this one!

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