Y,Z: Yes, I was a Zombie

Y,Z: Yes, I was a Zombie

The past 6 years have been filled with pregnancy, breastfeeding, pregnancy, breastfeeding, pregnancy and breastfeeding.

And today, we officially celebrated our final baby’s first birthday. I’m weaning myself off the breastpump, and my life seems to be finding some semblance of normal again.


After the Animal was born, it dawned on me that the first year of a baby’s life is a complete and utter haze for parents. Sleepless nights and endless diapers lead to first illnesses and teething. 

I found that in that first year, every day was like a set of hurdles I hoped to jump in order to simply make it to the next set. Many times, I fell over the hurdle. Sometimes, I was downright caught up in the hurdle and couldn’t even move for a few days.

I would go through a week of barely making it and feeling like I was simply grunting and moaning at my family. I’d eat whatever was available. I’d sleep whenever I could. Showers? I was lucky to get one.

Yes, I was a zombie.

But when that baby’s first birthday hit, things started to be less difficult. Baby isn’t so dependent on you. You can leave the house for a few hours without worry that there’d be no food they could eat. Someone else could step in to help with naps. You could spend time with actual adult humans while wearing clothes that make you feel good and makeup that wasn’t smeared by baby drool.

I’m coming out of that final haze now. Baby Diva turned one, and things are easier. I’ve even had time to visit with friends away from my kids and not worry about the state of affairs at the house because I knew that Math Man had things under control.

As a side note, my poor sweet Baby Diva’s big birthday bash was today, and I still haven’t written about her first birthday. It’s coming…

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