7 Steps to Successful Consigning

7 Steps to Successful Consigning

Have you ever wondered whether consigning items at a consignment store is truly worth it?
If the answer is yes, read on!
As a former consignor and current consignment store owner, I have some tips to help you navigate the “consignment dilemma.”
  1. Find a reputable consignment store in your area and read the terms of the contract very carefully. Some consignment stores are now charging a monthly fee just to consign with them.
  2. Do not expect to get a ton of cash for your items. It truly depends upon the consignment store contract terms and the condition of the items you bring in to consign.
  3. Many consignment stores keep the items and consignor’s profit if the items are not picked up according to contract terms. It is the consignor’s responsibility to check on their account. At my small consignment store, I have over 250 consignors, and it is impossible to contact all consignors on a regular basis. Write the contract expiration date on your calendar at home; and I cannot stress enough, it is important to read the contract!
  4. Make sure items are tear and stain free. Consignment stores are typically picky about what is put out on the racks. This being said, inspect your clothes carefully before taking them to the store.
  5. Items should be “in season.” Most consignment stores only accept clothing that is in season. When you are at a major retailer and you notice winter coats are going out in August, this is the time to consign for winter.
  6. Are your items brand name? The better the brand name, the more the consignment store can sell it for leading to larger profits for you.
  7. Clothing should be less than 5 years old and in style. Believe it or not, clothing has an expiration date. Clothes can break down over the years depending upon how they are stored; therefore, the rule of thumb is normally 5 years.
In my personal opinion, consignment should be used as a way to recycle unwanted sell-able items. It is a blessing to be able to shop at the same consignment store and use the money on my account to buy for my family instead of pulling out the debit card. If you loathe having yard sales like me, consignment is a much better choice.
In my experience, I can make more money at the consignment store versus going through the hassle of a yard sale. If having a yard sale is your thing and you like it, that’s great because I like shopping those, too. Personally, it is not for me. I hope you will find the tips I provided helpful for navigating the “consignment dilemma.”
Happy shopping!
Donna Hogue is a wife and mother of 3 ages 18, 16, and 8. She is full time faculty as an Early Childhood Instructor/Advisor at Mitchell Community College and Owner of On Second Thought Consignment, LLC located in Cleveland, NC.


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2 thoughts on “7 Steps to Successful Consigning”

  1. Thanks for these tips! I will have to look out for this kind of consignment shop in my area. The ones that I am familiar with buy your clothes outright, but they are pretty picky, turning down all of my very gently worn Ann Taylor business attire (which I hope made someone very happy at Goodwill this week). I know their rule is items have to be less than two years old — who gets rid of clothes that quickly??

  2. My mom has a second hand kids’ store in her area that she does really well at. The one close to me? Not so much! I’ve not had goo luck selling there or buying. I’m going to bet that it has a lot to do with management in this case.

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