The exercise I love to hate

I’ve admitted it before, and I’ll admit it again: I hate sweating. No, seriously. I very, very much hate it.

But, I know that sweating creates results that I like. I feel better. The endorphins start working. I look better. I have more energy. I feel empowered.

There’s one particular exercise that I hate the most but that gives me the most satisfaction when I’m done.


You may have read my other posts about how I feel about running. One time, I ran a 5k just to have cake at the end. The goal was to run the ENTIRE race without stopping to walk. There were moments when I just knew I was going to quit. I’d never run a full 3.1 miles non-stop.

When I crossed that finish line and knew I had accomplished this, I was high on life. I immediately texted friends who knew what a struggle this had been.

And yes, I bought a cake. A luxurious, disgusting, fattening cake. And it was delicious.

Since then, I’ve taken up running again here and there. I had to stop when I was pregnant with Flash, but picked it up during my bootcamp.

Last I tried, I could do a 10 minute mile. From what I understand, that’s pretty good.

This year, I have a goal of participating in 14 races. I will only probably attempt 5ks this year. We’ll see what next year might bring.

I’ve already found some 5ks for February, but I can’t seem to find any in my area for January — traveling for me is limited with the baby and such.

What is your favorite exercise? Is there one you also love to hate?

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11 thoughts on “The exercise I love to hate”

  1. I am starting C25K as soon as my kids go back to school and I can time things better at the gym vs trying to do it outside and I hope by May to do a 5K (especially when I found out it was only 3 miles) – so you are an inspiration!

  2. This is my goal to run a 5k from start to finish. Maybe I should use a cake as motivation. Sounds like a plan to me. I still haven’t had my new year cheat day.

  3. Go girl!! Are you in the 14in2014 group? I don’t think I’m doing it this year but who knows. I hate running, too, but I love races. 10 MPH is a fantastic speed. I wish I was that fast! My fastest in a race was around the high 11 range. It was an unusually good day. LOL I prefer hot yoga as my exercise of choice or Zumba.

    1. I’m in the group NOW because you told me to be. 🙂 11 is a great number for a mile. YOU are one of my reasons for doing this — you inspired me with your 13in2013!

  4. Yay! 14 5k races sounds like a fabulous running year. I run too, but I can usually only squeeze in a few races each year. I do love them so much though. Here’s to a fabulous running year for us both!

  5. I love ZUMBA!!! They have a class from 6:45-7:30 on Thursday mornings here! I sneak out of the house before the kids get up, do my Zumba and then shower in the locker rooms at work. I love it! I am also trying out some Pilates at home in the evenings. That stuff will kick your butt!! I thought it was just stretching, but it’s not!

  6. I’m thinking about starting to run this year too…probably not 14 races, but I definitely plan to sign up for a few this year. It’s never really been my thing, but 2014 is all about new experiences for me. YAY on your 10 minute mile!

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