A few of my favorite things…

I have become a Pinterest junkie recently. I saw many of my friends talking about this site on Facebook, so I finally decided to figure out what it was. I don’t spend excessive amounts of time there, and I’ve only tried one or two things from the pins I’ve repinned, but I do have quite the number of pins on my boards.

This made me think about items, products, and other stuff that are my favorites. So, I thought I’d share some that made the top of my list:
My favorite BABY items:
  • Dr. Weissbluth’s Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child – My close friends know that I am obsessed with baby and child sleep. My kids are on a schedule, and I like it that way. My friend, Jennifer, found this book when she had her first and shared it with me. Dr. Weissbluth’s rationale, suggestions, and philosophy make sense and work for me. 
  • White Noise Machine – The Animal is a ninja – like, he seriously has the most powerful ears (other than mine, but I’m a ninja so clearly, ninja begets ninja). The white noise machine has helped drown out some of the inevitable noise of our house.
  • BabySleepSite.com – I don’t know if I can gush enough about this website. Nicole Johnson is the creator of this site, and she’s just your normal mom. She helps parents work through sleep problems, and she makes sense. (She also agrees with a lot of what Weissbluth says, so that may be why I dig her so much.) I stumbled upon her site and was sure glad I did!
  • Off-Brand Diapers – They are saving us a bundle! We all know what ends up in these things, so I can’t bring myself to spend an arm and a leg for a name brand. I especially like the ones from Family Dollar and the Dollar General. They do their job, and then they end up in the trash.
  • Be Prepared: A Practical Handbook for Dads by Gary Greenberg & Jeannie Hayden – I love this book. I bought it for Aaron while we were expecting the Animal, and it’s still being used to this day. It’s geared toward men, but I have found myself reading it. Gives me insight to the male brain, and it’s chock full of some seriously smart ideas for everything baby.
My favorite ME items:
  • Birthday Cake Oreos – Oh my Heaven in a chocolate sandwich, these are good. They’re only out for a limited time. My friend, Michelle, posted a picture of them on her Facebook, and you know that when I saw them on sale, I grabbed some. I think I shared a total of THREE – one to my mom, one to my husband, and one to Miss Sassy Pants. The rest were victims of my addiction to sweets.
  • Netflix – I sort of live in the boonies when it comes to finding a video rental store nearby. All stores where I could rent a movie take me at least 15 minutes to reach. Netflix has been a lifesaver these past few years and especially with the new baby. Recently, we’ve switched to just using the streaming option because we don’t have enough time to watch all the movies we were paying for. But, I love that there are these options! And this made our Wii make more sense as a purchase!
  • DVR – This one is a no-brainer. I work online and end up on the computer in a meeting while my favorite shows are starting. OR, Miss Sassy Pants has found yet another way to stall going to bed. Regardless of the reason, DVR has been my best friend since having children. It’s way easier than using a VHS – remember that craziness?? – and I get really excited when I “catch up” if I’m a few minutes late to the show. Like, not kidding – I say, “Yay! We caught up!” Aaron thinks I’m nuts.
  • Spotify – Have you tried this awesome program/site? I downloaded it onto my computer, and now, I can pretty much pull up any song, any artist, any album that I want and listen! It’s fabulous. I do have to deal with some ads here and there, but I can deal with that. It’s nice to listen to Cake or my Better than Ezra whenever I want!
  • Words with Friends – I don’t get out much, and I don’t have many face to face adult conversations. Playing this game keeps me — sort of — on my toes. Of course, I have former students asking me why they’re demolishing their *favorite* English teacher, but I just remind them that I will take any chance to teach them, so letting them win gives them the confidence they need to have a larger vocabulary. (Truthfully, I’m horrible at the game. Doesn’t mean it’s not fun!)
And those are a few of my favorite things! (Yes, now you’re singing, too!)

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