Baby Boy R

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We are calling him lots of things these days, but not “it” or “he/she” anymore. This is good news to me.

Aaron’s friends call him Caveman, Jr. I still don’t really understand WHY they call Aaron Caveman, but I’ll go with it: Unga Bunga!

Since we found we were pregnant, we’ve been calling the little one “Cargo.” You know, like precious cargo. Mostly, it was a way for me to try to avoid Aaron’s tickling fingers and such. I assumed that with precious cargo in the bay, he’d leave me alone. Didn’t work. But the name caught!

A called the little one “the thing.” Didn’t last long! I had started calling him “the alien” when I was sick as a dog. Figured the only reason I was that sick was because some THING was inside of me growing and sending poison through my body!

But right now, we’re happy to say “he” and “him” and “his” for everything we talk about. We are still thinking about a name and working through what we think we’d like to call him, but boy oh boy – are we excited about him!

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