Single Again…Well, not really

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This weekend, I have been living the life of a bachelorette (well, one with a ton of responsibilities (like a 6 year old, 2 dogs and a cat) and a baby in my tummy who belongs to the hunky man I’m married to, but you get the point). He’s out of town on a golf trip, and she’s hanging with her dad for the weekend. That means that from about 11 am on Friday until about 10 am on Monday, it’s all me, whenever, wherever, whatever.

I have not had this “freedom” since before Aaron and I married. Now, I’m not pining for it in any way, but I will say, the last 2 days have been a nice reminder of what it’s like to be a pseudo-bachelorette.

On Friday, I took myself to McDonald’s. That doesn’t sound very grand, but I have a condition that makes me believe that going through the drive-thru is like achieving liberation. It all started the day I got my driver’s license and my little brother and I snuck the car through the McD’s parking lot and almost hit the drive-thru sign. It has waned some, but still, going through a drive-thru makes me feel empowered.

Then, I took my time shopping, going to whatever stores I wanted, looking at the bookstore for random book choices, and finally coming home to hang out with my mom and dad. Seriously. I went over to their house and sat on their couch and talked for almost three hours – uninterrupted! When I finally got home, I made myself some of those really healthy for you frozen chicken nuggets, some chocolate chip cookies, and some milk. Dinner of champions. When I felt like it, I went to sleep.

Saturday morning, I had a big honking test to take. I’ve been studying for it, but I was still nervous. I did my best to follow my basic morning routine, but the nerves had me. When I got to the campus of UNCC, I was suddenly a graduate student again. I had a wave of nostalgia as I sat in the lecture hall waiting on the test to begin. Of course, that ended as soon as I got the test and realized it wasn’t going to be as easy as I hoped (fingers crossed, people, for my scores). But, when I left the test, I went through Arby’s, and I was back to living the free life.

Mom and I shopped for almost 7 hours and then came home to watch a really cheesy but actually funny J-Lo movie. Mom drank her wine, I had water and chocolate-covered pretzels, and the world was good. We talked until 2 am.

I’m enjoying my time of bachelorette-hood. It’s weird not having Aaron or my little girl here, but at the same time, I know I will appreciate them much more tomorrow when the swing of real life gets back in motion. I’m also realizing that while being all alone this weekend has given me time to do the things that I want without answering to anyone, it’s also given me time to realize that I’ve grown up and being all alone is overrated.

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