Baby Sleep Habits – An easy Infographic

Baby Sleep Habits – An easy Infographic

As a mom of two, I’ve had plenty of experience with questioning how much sleep my children need at each stage in their life. And, as a mom of two expecting yet another sweet bundle of joy, I realize how important it is for new moms to know the basic baby sleep habits.

I started putting together an infographic and then realized that I wasn’t stellar at that sort of thing. Enter my friend, Richard, from Naked Eye Graphic Design. I’ve known Richard since high school. He and my youngest brother were in a couple of bands together. Not only is he an awesome musician, artist, person, and friend, but he’s a dad, too. So, he gets it.  Thank you, Richard!

Please remember that these are averages, and I have pulled my knowledge from multiple sources and experiences with two children.



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