Bookboard, Inc. Review

Bookboard, Inc. Review

Recently, I had a chance to try out Bookboard — an app for the iPad that has over 400 books in a digital library. You can sign up for your own free trial by going to


My regular readers will know that I’m an avid reader — kind of comes with the English teacher territory. So, it’s only natural that my children have a distinct love for books.

Miss Sassy Pants reads two and three books at a time. She’s voracious when it comes to the written word. In fact, she’s even created some of her own stories over the years, and has been pushing her old books on her little brother.

The Animal is just recently sitting still long enough to listen to an actual book. Before, we simply looked at pictures and talked about the characters in a story. Now, he wants to hear what’s going on with those characters. I also think he hears and enjoys the rhyming cadences of many children’s books.

With this love for books, and my children’s addiction to all things technological, Bookboard, Inc., is a perfect fit for our family.

Bookboard is an iPad digital book library for kids up to 12 years old. As a child reads books, more are “unlocked.” The app keeps track of what your child reads and then provides similar suggestions for the books that they read next. The Animal loved clicking on the “lock” to see what book would be available next.

The Animal was excited when we started reading. He loves animals, counting, letters, and shapes. So, reading a book about ducks and counting them was right up his alley. He was excited to read Six Little Ducks.

bookboard 6 ducks

Bookboard makes it easy to read with your children and to cater to their interests. When Miss Sassy Pants finally¬† had the chance to rip the iPad out of her brother’s hands, she dug right in to reading. I looked over her shoulder to see that the books did, indeed, change level for the child.


When you first set up your account, you have the chance to create nicknames for your children. This way, each child can keep separate lists of books and unlock based on their interest. You let the system know the child’s gender and age so that the choices are appropriate for each person.


My kids are really enjoying Bookboard so far. It even lets Miss Sassy Pants practice her reading (and teaching) with her little brother who will — finally — sit still to listen.

bookboard 3

You can try Bookboard now by signing up for a free trial.

Disclaimer: I was compensated in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.


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