Daddy Wins (a poem)

Daddy Wins (a poem)

My kids adore their father. Endlessly. It’s sort of a joke that the boys will quite literally deflate when they find out I’m the one to take them to bed. Daddy is just more fun and more laid back than me. While my feelings are moderately hurt when they show sheer disappointment in having to endure my bedtime routine, those feelings quickly disappear as I watch them love their Daddy so much.

Just last night, Diva had her first foray into choosing Daddy over Mommy. I’d made her angry for whatever reason 2 year olds get angry, and she began crying, “I want Daddy.” He grinned when I told him it had begun.

In the spirit of Father’s Day and my unending love for my husband as the father of my babies:

Daddy Wins

Every night
a fight
my plight
Daddy wins.

Who gives a better bath?
Makes all of them laugh?
Rarely shows his wrath?
Daddy wins.

Bear hugs & wrestles
the perfect neck to nestle
even when they’re little devils
Daddy wins.

daddy wins

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