Through Their Eyes: Heart

Through Their Eyes: Heart

My friend, Rachel, over at To Hab and To Hold, told me about an awesome new linkup she’s starting meant to focus on our kids and the way they see the world. It’s called “Through Their Eyes.” I’m relatively protective over my kids on the blog (they have pseudonyms, and if I share a picture it’s rarely of their faces), but I thought it would be fun to hand them the camera and see what they came up with.

This week’s linkup focused on the word heart.

Since Flash is too little to use a camera quite yet, I’m not including him in the photography activity. But The Animal and Miss Sassy Pants could play along.

Because I was sure that he wouldn’t quite understand “heart” as anything more than the literal shape, I asked The Animal what he loved. His exact response? “Spiderman.” Then, he decided there were a couple of other important items in the house.

These are his heart.

animal heart
Spiderman, Hulk, and “Peanut”

Miss Sassy Pants gets the abstract nature of the assignment a little better, so I handed her my “fancy” camera and told her to go play. Here’s what she came back with:

Her American Girl dolls
Her American Girl dolls
Mr. Terry
Wolfie and Baby
Her dance medal for dancing 6 years in a row. Last year was actually the end of her 7th year, but she won’t get another trophy until she’s danced for 9. She loves to dance.
Be sure to come back next week and see what the kids create when they take pictures using the prompt, “Made you smile today.”
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3 thoughts on “Through Their Eyes: Heart”

  1. I love Peanut, Woflie & Baby, such an adorable take on the prompt! Not to mention American Girl dolls! That was one thing I was most excited about when we moved to Minneapolis! Living less than fifteen minutes from Mall of America and the American Girl store – ok, well my girls are excited too. I live vicariously through them! Kaitlin has Molly, and Hailey will be getting one for her birthday in March!

    It looks like you are a FABULOUS dancer Miss Sassy Pants!! Great job!

    Thank you so much for linking up & joining in!

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