Flags, Flags, and More Flags (a poem)

Flags, Flags, and More Flags (a poem)

It’s June. June means lots of things including Flag Day. My bloggy friends chose Flags as the June theme. I’m in a sort of a mood about a lot of things, so my flag poem took a different tone than I originally intended.

Flags, Flags, and More Flags

Your purpose is to
herald the important
inform us of change
provide guidance and

We forget you are simply a
no one person or entity
fabric stitched together

You point to the dangers
become visible
messages to send
warnings to offer

Showing us
all along
what is right
what is wrong
what is dangerous

To deaf ears
blind eyes
broken hearts
hesitant minds
your messages fall

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2 thoughts on “Flags, Flags, and More Flags (a poem)”

  1. I love flags! They symbolize so much. And nothing is more stirring to me than seeing our red and white Canadian flag flying with a mountain backdrop!
    Let us pray the “…deaf ears
    blind eyes
    broken hearts
    hesitant minds” will hear your message!

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