Micro Cards

Micro Cards

Years ago, I tried to scrapbook. Like, I really tried. In fact, my oldest has a sort-of scrapbook that I’m relatively proud of. But I could never really get in to it. I love to craft. I love making gifts for people. But scrapbooking just wasn’t my gig. Then, I met my buddy, Melissa, and I started making cards that use some of the same products and concepts. She has an amazing creative eye, and I can learn from her every time we craft together. In my new role as administrator, I wanted to give cards and recognition to teachers. I thought it would be cool to make smaller cards — like a micro card — and so I did!

I’m a fan (and technically consultant) of Close to My Heart – so there’s your disclaimer. But honestly, I really do love their products and the guides they offer. What they no longer offer, sadly, is 3×3″ cards and envelopes. My thought was that this size would be perfect for quick notes to teachers as well as quick production in the craft room.

I started by cutting white card stock in to 3″ x 6″ pieces. Folded, obviously, I got the 3×3″ size I needed (yay me for doing math!). I did purchase envelopes from my craft store (both Michael’s and Hobby Lobby carry them).

Then, it was time to start designing. Luckily, I had some small stamps that would fit perfectly on the front, and it was just the matter of cutting some smaller pieces to fit the front. To keep a bit of white showing around the edges, I cut 2.75″ squares for the first layer and then 2″ squares for the top layer.

One hint that I’ve been taught is to use regular black ink on the white square for the stamp. This hint seems to always work to make my cards look finished and pretty, so I continue to use that process.

My goal was to have some cards that would work well after a quick walk-through or observation. Generally, cards feel very feminine, so I opted to make some that felt a little more dude-like.

Once I had all the pieces cut and stamped, it was simply the matter of putting them together. Because there were so few elements, it was quick and easy. My kind of crafting!

This month, my bloggy friends and I are writing with the theme of Embrace Your Geekiness. I’m feeling super smart for figuring this micro card idea out on my own!

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2 thoughts on “Micro Cards”

  1. Awesome project!
    Now all you have to do is wait for school to begin, so you can give out your recognition cards. I’m sure the recipients will be delighted!

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