Friends are family (a poem)

Friends are family (a poem)

I enjoy writing poetry. Sometimes, I am serious. Sometimes, I’m silly. This month’s theme with my poetry writing buddies is Friends and Family. Let’s see what I can create.

friends are family poem pinnable

These months of confusion leading to
understandings and revelations of
things that I thought I knew
and people I thought I understood.

In pain and in anguish with questions I
can’t answer
don’t want to answer
refuse to accept

So I look within and see the things that
are embarrassing
can’t be true
but are staring me straight in the face.

And my friends who love me with
unconditional and understanding love
the Love that is given to us
that teaches us to never stop

Have become my family — an
extension of my life that I am finding
I cannot wait to see again
on those mornings when we’re all so tired.

Shuffling the kids in to sit still and

Finding peace in the Word that only He can
provide when we need it
right times
after a long string of conversation no one else
has seen.

In my heart, a family that will grow and
– inevitably –
but perfect in every way.

Ahh poetry. That was fun!

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