Family Favorites: Fun Fall Festivities

Family Favorites: Fun Fall Festivities

It’s not the first time I’ve said it: my family loves fall. Fall ushers in, for us, all of our favorite festivities, decor, and general feeling of happiness. As our kids are growing older, we’re establishing more and more traditions and finding we can actually do more as a family than we ever did (or attempted to do) when they were babies. For that reason, I wanted to share some fun fall festivities that have become our family favorites over the last few years!


This is the first year we’ve ever even tried to have a fire and make s’mores, but our kids are getting the hang of it and loving the time together. Plus, there’s something about learning how to properly roast a marshmallow or stay just far enough away from the fire that grows you up a bit.

Math Man made the Bungalow over the summer, and it was so hot outside that we struggled to ever really hang out in it. Even when we tried to have a Bungalow celebration, it was way too hot. But now, the weather is super chilly and fires are welcomed!


Speaking of which, a good fire is always fun if you have the ability. We have the Bungalow with the fire pit where we make the s’mores, but we also have a large portion of our back lot that is reserved as the “burn pile.” Inevitably, there are branches or other sorts of yard refuse that needs to be put somewhere. That means that every now and again, we need to have a bonfire!

Isn’t it fun to sit and stare at a smoldering fire? I just love looking in to the logs and admiring how powerful the flames can really be. The kids have learned a lot about fire safety and have enjoyed bringing their lawn chairs to the perimeter to chat and snack.


In our neck of the woods, parades are a’plenty in the fall. We love them! First, free candy. Secondly, it’s fun to be together and watch all the different floats and organizations marching by. It doesn’t hurt that for the last few years, our oldest, who we call Sassy Pants, has been in the parades as a dancer. This year, she’ll march with her marching band for the first time! We’re excited.

Fall Festivals & Holiday Fairs

Because the gift-giving season is just around the corner, there are always vendor fairs and festivals in our area. Our little kids love to go for whatever activities are offered (our church had THE best outdoor selection ever this year – it was awesome), and Math Man and Sassy Pants and I enjoy the foods and the browsing.

Even a simple face painting can make the festival that much more awesome. I never realized how much a quick cat face on a 4 year old can light up my day.


There are 6 of us, so going to the movies isn’t the most cost effective. Instead, and thanks to all the streaming options, we have created a fun atmosphere at home and made movie nights special. Everyone gets a spot on the couch or a chair or creates a pallet with pillows or a blow up bed. Sometimes we stop the movie halfway to get everyone to bed on time. If we’re feeling adventurous, we’ll make it a “real” movie night and allow them a sleepover in the living room.

My dad used to have camp outs with my younger brother and me. It really consisted of sleeping on the living room floor, but those are some of my favorite childhood memories. Recreating that fun with the kids is, for me, one of the most precious parts of being a parent.

What are some of your favorite fall festivities? Share in the comments!

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4 thoughts on “Family Favorites: Fun Fall Festivities”

  1. So many excellent reasons to love fall!
    I love how you implement and cherish your family traditions as the kids are growing up. You’re creating such wonderful memories.

  2. I love a family afternoon of having a fire (not outside but we do have 2 fireplaces in our house), football on the TV and snacks lining the counter in the kitchen. Always makes me smile, especially now when our little family is scattered and those times aren’t as frequent.

  3. Those are lovely fall traditions! We have our parades at Mardi Gras, but there are lots of other ways to celebrate here. S’mores sound like fun.

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