For the past few years, one of the traditions we’ve created is receiving a personalized message from Santa via the PNP — or the Portable North Pole. Sassy Pants was the first to receive, and we’ve made sure each child has received one since. The PNP has improved over the years, and if you haven’t “requested” a video for your kids yet, there’s still time!

With the PNP, there are many options for the type of message your child can receive. The Premium – or paid – options are more vast, but they are certainly worth it. A Magic Pass to the PNP will also allow you to view your videos for a full year as well as receive birthday messages from the North Pole.

Perfect for multiple children

Because we have four kids, it’s imperative that they each receive a slightly different message. This is why I appreciate the options on the PNP. My kids are too quick to believe that the same exact message would be sent to every one of them.

This year, as we watched the emails I received, the youngest three were entranced. In fact, as it’s Diva’s first Christmas that she actually understands, her reaction to Santa saying her name was perfectly sweet. Her eyes were huge, and she said, “Hi Santa!”

In the end of each video message, Santa reveals what the child’s big book says about his or her behavior. Children can learn they’re either naughty (red) or nice (green). They can even be on yellow and told they need to improve their behavior!

Adults, Too!

For those of us in the goofy moods, there’s an opportunity to have messages sent to adults. You can be just funny or you can allow the video to be a little more risque. I enjoy making silly ones for Math Man.

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Be sure to head over to the Portable North Pole and check out all the options! Use the links below for a discount!

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