Later, Gator

Later, Gator

It’s March. That means that very soon, in a few weeks, we should start feeling the beginnings of spring. It’s on the way, and I’m so excited. There’s just something about the sunshine of spring that isn’t too hot but warms you just right. Sometimes, you need a jacket. Sometimes, you can wear shorts. Sometimes, you still need a blanket to sit on the porch. It’s just perfection.

The winter we’ve just come out of has been the weirdest season ever. It has rained so much that we were actually waiting on sunny days — that’s new for us lately as we’ve seen so many years with drought and dry weather. While I want to appreciate the rain and all it does for our gardens, I’m over it.

Add that to the fact that it hasn’t been cold enough when raining to at least give us snow — except for one snow that was pretty cool but not good enough for a snowman. I feel like we’ve been cheated this winter!

It won’t be hard to say goodbye to this winter and usher in spring with open arms. My windows open and the fresh air pouring in will feel so good.

Thus, I present to you, a poem.

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Later, Gator

Adios, Ciao, See ya,
Wouldn’t want to be ya,
But seriously…
You’re cold and sassy this year
So goodbye.

We won’t miss your face
That rain all over the place
Pack your bags
Fill the trunk
You’re outta here, old friend.

I’m sick of your rain
Driving us insane
Can’t you make up your mind
and just snow?

As you leave us this year
You’re not going to hear
Much lamenting
our sadness just won’t
be there.

Later, Gator.
Such a hater.
But we know
in our hearts
you’re coming back.

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