Warm up with a 5k

Warm up with a 5k

A few years ago, I was part of a group that helped me not only lose weight and get healthy but also really reframe my thoughts around food and my home environment. I lost quite a bit of weight, trained myself into excellent exercise habits, and then began a running routine that eventually had me completing 14 5ks in 2014. It was an amazing feat for me, and one I’ve been wanting to recapture. In this chilly time of year, you, too, can Warm up with a 5k and get in shape or at least start on the path.

Running isn’t the easiest of habits to develop. In fact, it’s not even my favorite thing to do. My favorite type of exercise would be dance. So why wouldn’t I do that, right? Why not just do a dance workout using a website or show or DVD?

I’m really bad at working out at home. Something about being in theĀ  midst of the chaos makes me feel like I need to stop so that I can get something else done. But running? Running takes me away from the house and requires that I return . . . on foot.

With that in mind, I thought I’d share some ways that even if you feel like you could never complete a 5k, you totally can and might even enjoy it along the way.

Find a Race

One great place to start is to choose a goal. My original goal way back when was to simply run an entire 5k without stopping. In those days, I rewarded myself with a cake. A WHOLE CAKE. Now, I’m simply aiming to finish by running the whole race but to slowly increase my speed and set my own personal records. If I win a medal along the way in my age category, that’s awesome. So, it might be helpful to say, “I’m going to do a race on this date,” and write it on the calendar. You can find lots of resources for local 5ks, but one great resource for a lot of activities is a site called Active.

Create a Plan

There are now so many apps you can download to use as guides for reaching your goal. Back when I first started, I used the Couch to 5k program. It really helped me, and I couldn’t believe I was able to actually run and walk like that. In fact, I found that it was harder to go back to running if I did the walking intervals and looked forward to the moments when I could run uninterrupted.


It always helps me to have someone with whom I’m sharing my successes and my pitfalls. My hubs is an amazing resource for this, but I also work to find help outside of my immediate family. It’s worthwhile to have a more objective connection. Lately, I’ve been working with Shana Hartman. She’s an amazing coach who is excellent about really listening to me and reading between the lines! Plus, I feel like I owe her a little something and need to prove to her that I can do whatever I’ve set out to do.

Working out – no matter how you do it – will offer so many benefits. The 5ks come with a free shirt and bag of goodies, sometimes. And there seems to always be snacks. I love snacks.

But what seems to warm me up the most is the inward feeling of accomplishment. I find myself walking a little higher and walking with more purpose!

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