Loving my Tervis Water Bottle

Loving my Tervis Water Bottle

I’m notoriously bad about drinking water. In fact, I’m so bad at it that I’ve recently finished a major bout with kidney stones and kidney problems that, I’m almost positive, stemmed from my lack of hydration. The doctor wanted me to drink more water, and so I became diligent about having water next to me at all times. The problem, however, was that whatever water container I used on my desk would sweat on to any papers that may be lying around. This is not okay when you’re like me: cluttered. Thankfully, I had a chance to try out a Tervis Water Bottle, and my problem is solved.

My desk is always a mess. This blog is “Cluttered Genius” for a reason. I try my hardest to keep it straight, but it will inevitably pile up again with good intentions of cleaning it off and starting fresh every day.

When my Tervis arrived, I was excited for a couple of reasons. One, I’d heard about the quality of a Tervis but never took it upon myself to purchase and try one out. Two, I had chosen a Wonder Woman design, and now I’d have a daily reminder for myself (that I am, in all actuality, Wonder Woman). And finally, three, that this cup was promised to not sweat all over my desk and papers that would be surrounding it.

This Tervis Water Bottle has become my hydration buddy. We go every where together including car line, church choir practice, and dance rehearsal parking lot waiting. It fits right into the cup holder in the van, and it does a good job of keeping my water cool when I add ice.

tervis water bottle in car holder

But the most important feature is that awesome non-sweating gloriousness. In the midst of all the things on my desk — bills, kids’ papers, lists, reminders, and more — I don’t have to worry that I’m going to return to a waterlogged pile.

tervis water bottle on desk

Math Man was even lucky enough to get a Tervis Water Bottle with his favorite hockey team, the Sabres, as the decoration. He takes it to school daily, and it works well for his desk. Little does everyone know, Math Man is just as guilty of the piles of papers as I am. So, this Sabres Tervis is perfect to keep student papers and assessments safe from condensation.

tervis water bottle sabres

If you haven’t tried a Tervis yet, I would highly recommend them. They are easy to put into the dishwasher (I put the top in the top rack to keep it from warping), and they really do work to keep your drink cool and your desk or table free of water rings.

I received product in exchange for this review. Opinions are 100% my own.

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