Mayday Mayhem

Mayday Mayhem

We’re nearing another school year’s end, and things here are ramping up for crazy, busy, and fun. Math Man and I have found ourselves finally sitting down after the kids have gone to bed and taking a deep breath before figuring out how the next day or next few days will go. I call it Mayday Mayhem.

My poetry blogging friends decided on the Mayday theme a few months ago, and I considered writing a literal mayday/SOS-type of poem. But then this week happened, and here we are with something every single night. I’m tired!

Top that off with my 8th grader finishing 8th grade, getting ready for high school, and our summer being a couple weeks shorter – phew. We have a lot going on and a lot of change coming.

So, I present you with my very random poem, Mayday Mayhem.

Mayday Mayhem

Yet another day
in May
requiring I find
a few more moments
to go here
go there
go everywhere

Don’t forget
to sign that form
or pay that fee
send that note
find that book
return that slip

It’s May
so yay
summer is near
but I fear
we must make it
through these weeks first

All four
have more
in four
than they do
all year long.

Who decided on this ridiculousness?
Could we have potentially spread things out a bit more?
Because we have four


Summer, summer
here we come
pool openings
lazy mornings
late nights

But for now,
Mayday Mayhem.

Now go read the poems by my blogging friends!

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Featured Image by ElisaRiva from Pixabay

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